Pueen Stamping Plate-Gradient Nails

GoodMorning Everyone

Today I have a gradient mani stamped with my new Pueen Stamping Plates. There are 20 stamping plates that come in the pack. About 135 designs in total.  I have about 5 different sets of stamping plates. Nail stamping is one of my many nail challenges. Ive come a long way since my first stamping disaster. But still I just cant seem to perfect it. Im not exactly happy with how this came out, but I do love the colors I used for the gradient design.

I used Essie-Where is my Chauffeur? and Butter London-Billy no Mates . I did a base coat of Butter London Billy no Mates. This polish goes on smooth and easy. Some people use white as a gradient base but to be honest it has never worked for me. find it easier to build the color this way. after it dries. I put my two colors ( Essie Where is my Chauffeur? and Butter London Billy no Mates) on a makeup sponge I cut to fit my nail. Then i build. I do the first layer then let dry and repeat two more times for brightness. After put a coat of Seche Vite to speed up the drying process and smooth out all the lumps and bumps from the layers. After that dries. I stamped Pueen Plate 7 in Konad Black on to each nail. After I let that dry. I applied a coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast. I dont use Seche over stamping, it always smudges the design. Cult Nails wicked fast is just that, Fast!!!
Some Of The Products Used

Gradient-No Flash
Pueen Stamping Plate 7


Over All I like these plates. As you can see I smudged the design, But i know what I did wrong and I will remember for next time. Trial and Error. My advice for Stamping, PRACTICE. I would most definitely recommend these plates to anyone who wants to try stamping. I tried the designs on paper and few nails. All the stamps came out clean and clear. Definitely good for beginners like myself. I cant wait to use them again.

Pueen Stamping Plates-Amazon
Konad Special Polish-Amazon
Butter London Billy no Mates -HERE, Ulta
Essie Where is my Chauffeur- HERE ,Target,Walgreens,Rite Aide,Ulta
Cult Nails Wicked Fast-HERE
Seche Vite-HERE, Target, Walmart, CVS, Ulta, Walgreens
Orly Bonder-HERE, Ulta, CVS

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Paint Those Piggies! said...

I think this came out great. I love these stamping plates, I have them myself.

DAB NAILZ said...

Thank You!!!!!! I like them too. I can't wait to do more!!!!!!!!!