Barry M- Textured Nail Effect

Hello Everyone

Since the begining of my nail obession I notice that there is always a new trend. The growing trend of 2013 is Texture polish. Every nail company has their own version. There is leather, concrete, blue jeans, matte glitter and as you saw the other day on the blog even Feathers. I must say that I love this trend way more than I ever anticipated.

Today I have Barry M- Textured Nail Effect polish. Today we have Kingsland Road and Alantic Road. This polish leaves an almost grity, bumpy texture when dried. It feels rough but smoothe. The polish applys like regular polish. It can get a little streaky. Try to apply one thin clean coat. If you keep going over it and is gonna pick what you just did and make it spotty and uneven. When the first coat begins to dry you will notice that it looks grity.

I applied 3 coats to get the full effect. Remember to let each coat dry as you do not put a top coat on this. And even though it has no top coat it is still shiny and fresh looking. Dont worry this is not like glitter polish. It comes off just like regular polish. Pictures Below.

p.s I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kingsland Road 

Kingsland Road with Flash 

 Kingsland Road  is a Baby Powder Pink Color. These are the Best pic I took that somewhat shows its true color.

Alantic Road

This polish is a Baby Powder Blue- This pic shows the true color
Barry M is not sold in stores in the US, but you can purchase it at Ninja Polish Here. They have alot of polish and items that are not sold in the US.
So what do you think? Are you for the trend or against it?




I'm so excited to finally do my first blog post. It only took a Million Years. lol. I plan on trying to explore many things on my blog and I hope everyone stays for journey. With this blog I want to show you why I love Nail polish and what just a little bit of time and energy can really achieve.

For my first blog post I wanted to use a product I never used before, so I picked Nail Inc. Feathers-Cornwall. Not only is this my first time using Feathers textured polish, It is also my first Nail Inc Product. I used the feathers as accent nails. I thought it would stand out more that way. I pared it with the perfect Colbalt blue Sinful Colors Endless Blue. I almost feel like these two polishes were made for each other.

To start All My Mani's I put on a coat of Orly Bonder Base coat which can be found at your local Sally's Beauty Supply Store or you can order it HERE. I have tried so many adhesive base coats and so far i like this one the best. Your manicures last longer. Don't worry I will be doing a base coat, top coat, Nail care post in the near future. So after Bonder dried I applied one coat of the Sinful Colors Endless Blue. This can be found at your local Walgreen's, Rite Aid or Walmart. I don't think you can buy them online and if you could they are probably way more than the  $1.99 They are at the store. This blue kinda reminds you of Essie Butler Please in the bottle, But after you put it on your nails you quickly realize it is not the same. This polish is thick, But applies very easily. In order to get it on in two coats you must let the first coat dry. Apply thin coats. After it dries. When I say dry you should be able to touch it without smudge. On my index finger and middle finger I applied my first coat of the Nail Inc Feathers-HERE. I applied a thick but thin first coat of the polish. It is matte bar glitter polish. But the bars are tiny. It goes on pretty smooth. No lumps or bumps. I let that dry and then apply my second coat to the rest of my fingers with the sinful. After the two accent nails dry completely which should not take long, glitter dries fast. I applied two more coats of the feathers and the more you apply the more feather like it becomes. You don't have to apply the color underneath the feathers, but i did. I felt like it made it brighter. After it has all dried I applied a coat of Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat.HERE

I was so confused about this when I saw it online. But I love it. This is one of those Mani's that you see from a far and you cant really tell whats going on, but your interested in getting a closer look. There are four colors in total. Cornwell, York, Edinburg and Brighton. I want them all. I heard the other day that Sally Hansen is doing a dupe. But I have not seen them yet.
Please Stay tuned for future blog post.