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I know I have been featuring alot of Textured polish, But I have a excuse. Im OBSESSED!!!!!!! LOL


When I first saw these polishes in Nail Magazine I thought the colors were boring and I was not impressed. A few week ago I was doing my usual Ebay browsing and came across one of the polishes. So I got it. Then I was on Amazon and saw three more so I ordered them. In my mind I was not excited about them. But like most nail junkies I got them anyway. LOL.

Well I was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!
Hands down, this is my FAVORITE textured nail polish collection thus far. All the colors are bright and vibrant. This collection is awesome. From the moment I put first coat on I was hooked. They had me. I find this collections SASSY AND SEXY with a little dash of FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

The overall formula for this polish is easy to work with. There is no clumping, No lumps. Each coat goes on smoothly. It easy to control . It not too thick, not to thin. Its very pigmented. Each coat dries with a rough texture. The best way I can describe is, it looks like a popcorn ceiling, Except with pizazz and spunk. This is a matte texture, but depending on the lighting it could look shinny/wet. All picture below are two coats, NO TOPCOAT!!!!!

 The best way I can describe this is like liquid watermelon!!!
It was so freaking awesome on. Even though its matte,
 because of the color it still so bright. In my opinion its neon!!!
The pictures does not do it justice, you must see in person!!!
Im in love. I wore this today to work!!!
I could not stop looking at my hands!!!
Im currently wearing this right now. For work tomorrow.
I guess I do change my polish everyday.
But hey who cares. Look at my hands!!
HELLO!! Its not in vain. LOL
 It a hot pink color. In some lights it may look red!!
But when you get close you definitely know it is pink.
 This picture surprisingly is extremely color accurate!!!!
 This blue literally glows on your hands!!!
 This is statement color!!!
I wore it over the weekend!!
Alot of what the heck is that? LOL
 and that's pretty and different!!
I did not love this until I got it on my hands.
 Well what can I say!! This is NEON!!! and I loved it!!
 Its so freaking bright!!! Once again a Fav!!!!!
 I love bright colors!!
 I would wear this in the dead of winter!!
 NO LIE!!!!!
There two more polishes in this collection. I will be featuring them some time this week. Over all I love this collection. This collection is definitely a SUMMER BANGER!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be wearing these polishes through out the summer. I cant wait to do my toes with them!!! These polishes will be available May 1st at Sally's Beauty Supply Store Sally's. They are also On  EBAY and AMAZON. I believe the full collection is $24.00 on ebay and amazon. Do you guys like this Collection thus far?



Hello Everybody!!!!!!!

How are you doing today?

Hopefully all is well!

I finally have the rest of the OPI THE BOND GIRL LIQUID SAND COLLECTION. I have the last part of the collection. Today I have Honey Ryder and Tiffany Case. Honey Ryder is a matte gold texture polish. It does not sparkle, but honestly I think the fact that it is gold is enough sparkle. It is beautiful. But because it is gold it does have a shine to it. Tiffany Case Sparkles and shine. Big Shine I did not expect to like this so much, but once I put it on my hands it was literally like blue diamonds. I could not believe how it sparkled and twinkled. It was amazing. I loved it so. Both apply like regular polish. The pictures below are two coats and no top coat.

Honey Ryder
 Close up shot

Tiffany Case
This is a more accurate picture. It literally sparkles on your hands.

 This is  sun shot. This is what it looks like in person.
I hope you enjoyed them as much as me. You can purchase the collection at Ulta or Ebay.


Nail Inc-Leather Effect

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you doing today??

Hopefully everyone is well!!!!

Today we have Nail Inc-Leather Effect-Bling it on kit-Rebel. Out of all the textured polish, This is by far my favorite. I just can't get enough!!! This was on my wish list for a long long time. 

Leather Effect is exactly what it sounds like. It's a textured polish that looks like leather when it dries. This polish goes on like regular polish. The application was smooth and easy. All the photos below are two coats no top coat.

The Nail Inc. -Bling it on kit-Rebel comes with four silver skull, 4 different nail studs( about 10 each), nail glue, and two orange sticks and most importantly The leather effect polish. They do not sell the polish by itself in the US, only available in London. In the US if you want the polish you have to buy the kit unless you have a friend who will send it to you. I believe there are three colors the one featured today is NOHO. The other colors are Soho Mews ( a taupe color) and Shoreditch Lane ( a red color) not pictured. 
These two are not available in US. 

NOHO-with skull accent nail

Its not this shiny in person. 

This is a more accurate picture

And Making its debut for the first time my right hand!!! LOL
Not Bad. All the nails on this hand broke last week, but I still love this.

 It literally looks like genuine leather. 

My only advice is to make sure you use the nail glue to put the skulls and studs on or it will not stay on.
 I can say I did a lot with these in the past 20 hours. I took two showers, washed the dishes, slept, prepared lunch, did my hair, worked a full 8 hour day full of typing and the skulls stayed in place. The Nail Inc. Bling it on kit-Rebel can be purchased HERE . The kit is a little pricey. Its $25.00, But i had to have it. This is officially the most money I ever spent on nail polish.

Thank You!!!

I Hope you guys like it!!!




Its Friday!!! I hope yall just as happy about that as I am!!!!!!!!

Lets Celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never in a million years thought I would love textured polish so much, but as you can see, I am OBSESSED. lol. I really do love it!!!!!! Its so fresh and new to me. I am not always a fan of every nail trend. Especially on me. I assumed this was going to be like CRACKLE(despise) to me. Well its not. I think its freaking spectacular.

I'm and beyond excited to show you guys OPI THE BOND GIRL LIQUID SAND COLLECTION- Part 1.
This is a matte coral with sparkle galore. It literally glows.
Its beyond pretty. This is two coats. It goes on very easily.
Dries quickly. No Top Coat Needed!!

 I love this color. Its bold and daring.
 This colors has a goldish mix to it. 
I believe anyone can pull this one off.
This is a deep almost black purple.
In the light its more deep purple.
In the dark it may appear black.
This applied in Three coats to get its full deepness.
Formula was great.
You see how deep it is.
I like this color more than i expected.
This is a light pink. It has a shimmer to it.
 The shimmer is just right not to overbearing.
It is definitely for the Girly Girl. This is two coats.
Formula was great.

You can see the Shimmer better below. 
This is definitely My Favorite of the bunch thus far.

This is a white matte color. It has silver undertone.
When it dries it sparkles like diamonds. Hence the name. 
This is two coat. Formula was great.
 Ive always been partial to white and silver polish.
I am currently wearing this right now
Overall I love this collection. It blew my mind.
 Supposedly this is not available in stores until May 2013. I got these on EBAY. Yesterday these were on Ulta.com. Today they are not. SO..... LOL.  IDK what happened but they were there and i know they were there cause I have a reciept and shipping confirmation. lol. I am 100% sure you can get from ebay!
If you want to try something new without going to overboard, this collection is perfect for you.
Thank You!!!!


Sinful Colors- Suga Rush- Part 2

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!! 
How are yall today? Hopefully all is well!!!!!!!
Today We have Sinful Colors- Suga Rush- Part 2. I have the last three of the collection. You can see Part 1 HERE . Like the rest of the collection these colors are a good spring into summer transition. They are fun, vibrant and bold. I must say that these three were the easiest to apply. Weird they are the same as the other four. Unclear why these were easier to apply. Maybe I just had a good day.LOL. Yeah thats what it was. LOL.
Sinful Colors- Suga Rush- Part 2 
Cotton Candy-
I love this color. It is the perfect Barbie Pink.
This color also has a light almost invisible shimmer. 
It was very easy to apply. It was not streaky.
 I tried to capture the shimmer,
but it was very difficult.
Even with the naked eye its so small
you wont notice it at first glance.
Sugar N Spice
This color also has the shimmer.
I feel it is more noticable with this color than some of the rest.
 I think its because it is a brighter bolder color.
You see the shimmer a little better in this photo.
You can see the shimmer in the bottle.
 Sweet Nothing
The best way I can describe this color is a dusty teal.
 Its not light or dark but rght in the middle. Unlike the first two this one has no shimmer. It is creamy but not thick. Very easy to apply.
Sweet Tooth is the 8th polish in the collection. It is not pictured. It's a soft lavender. It definitely has a pinkish undertone. I was very much suprised at how much I like these!!
Once I put them on they looked way better than in the bottle.
Just like the first four this collection can be found at Wagreens only while supplies last. If you like to do your own nails Sinful color is the best and cheapest way to go. For a $1.99 polish they provide the most range of colors, styles, and textures.

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!


Sinful Color-Sugar Rush Part 1

Good Morning Everone!!!!!!!!! It Wednesday!! Three days down(almost) 2 to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I have Sinful Color-Sugar Rush Collection-Part 1. There are 8 Colors in total. From the moment I saw the first picture on instagram I was excited. Then I found out there was a $1 off copoun for Walgreens. I knew I had to have them. Sinful Colors is by far the best cheap polish you can find. Most of my nail polishes are Sinful Colors. It usually retails for about $1.99 but there is always a sale. They have a great range of colors for the price. They are sold at Walgreens, Rite Aide and now Walmart. I go to Walgreens ALOT!!! LOL. I went to 6 different walgreens, And in 48 hours I had all 8. Shoot!!! $8 plus tax, please!!!!! It was a no brainer. LOL. This collection was exclusive to Walgreens.

Today I have swatches of 4 of 8. The Sinful Color-Sugar Rush Collection consist of all pastels. If you could wrap spring up in a bow it would be this collection. All the colors are creamy and smooth.

The Sinful Color-Sugar Rush Collection-Part 1
Orange Cream
The best way to describe this color
is a peachy orange cream color polish. It has tiny shimmers in it.
The shimmers are so small you cant even see them in bottle.
You have to get really close to see it. 3 coats for full coverage.
This formula is weird but managable. Very streaky.
See the Shimmer-Very tiny

Sugar Rush
This is a creamy baby blue. This has no shimmer.
3 coats to get full coverage. Formula is the same as the rest. Streaky.
This is also my favorite of the whole collection.
 Yall know im a blue freak!. Lol
Candy Coated
This color is a lavendar cream. It has the subtle shimmer as well.
Depending on what light you are in this could look really like straight lavender
or like lavender and light blue had a baby. lol. At night it almost glows(no lie)
Its very pretty and Bright in the dark and in direct sunlight. I like this so much better after it was on. 3 coats for full coverage. Streaky!
You can kinda see the little baby shimmers.
This color I already owned because it is apart of normal Sinful Color core line up. After looking at the collection it was a perfect match. This has always been my favorite baby cream yellow, but i do not like the formula. This is 5 coats. YES!!!!!!!!!!!I rarely wear this, it is a B!!&* to get on evenly. But if you do it is very pretty. There is no shimmer to this one.
Part 2 will be coming soon . Overall I love this collection despite the application being streaky, Its so girly and most importantly cheap. LOL. Go to your local Walgreens and pick it up. Im not sure how long they will be there. I would assume until gone with no restocks. These colors are perfect for spring.

Please if you have any questions please Email me or Leave a Comment. Sometime if you leave a comment I dont get a notice right away, but I get my email on the spot daily!!!



Pueen Stamping Plate-Gradient Nails

GoodMorning Everyone

Today I have a gradient mani stamped with my new Pueen Stamping Plates. There are 20 stamping plates that come in the pack. About 135 designs in total.  I have about 5 different sets of stamping plates. Nail stamping is one of my many nail challenges. Ive come a long way since my first stamping disaster. But still I just cant seem to perfect it. Im not exactly happy with how this came out, but I do love the colors I used for the gradient design.

I used Essie-Where is my Chauffeur? and Butter London-Billy no Mates . I did a base coat of Butter London Billy no Mates. This polish goes on smooth and easy. Some people use white as a gradient base but to be honest it has never worked for me. find it easier to build the color this way. after it dries. I put my two colors ( Essie Where is my Chauffeur? and Butter London Billy no Mates) on a makeup sponge I cut to fit my nail. Then i build. I do the first layer then let dry and repeat two more times for brightness. After put a coat of Seche Vite to speed up the drying process and smooth out all the lumps and bumps from the layers. After that dries. I stamped Pueen Plate 7 in Konad Black on to each nail. After I let that dry. I applied a coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast. I dont use Seche over stamping, it always smudges the design. Cult Nails wicked fast is just that, Fast!!!
Some Of The Products Used

Gradient-No Flash
Pueen Stamping Plate 7


Over All I like these plates. As you can see I smudged the design, But i know what I did wrong and I will remember for next time. Trial and Error. My advice for Stamping, PRACTICE. I would most definitely recommend these plates to anyone who wants to try stamping. I tried the designs on paper and few nails. All the stamps came out clean and clear. Definitely good for beginners like myself. I cant wait to use them again.

Pueen Stamping Plates-Amazon
Konad Special Polish-Amazon
Butter London Billy no Mates -HERE, Ulta
Essie Where is my Chauffeur- HERE ,Target,Walgreens,Rite Aide,Ulta
Cult Nails Wicked Fast-HERE
Seche Vite-HERE, Target, Walmart, CVS, Ulta, Walgreens
Orly Bonder-HERE, Ulta, CVS

If There are any questions about this Manicure Please Email me or Leave a Comment!!!!