Hello Every One!!!!!!!!!

I know I have been featuring alot of Textured polish, But I have a excuse. Im OBSESSED!!!!!!! LOL


When I first saw these polishes in Nail Magazine I thought the colors were boring and I was not impressed. A few week ago I was doing my usual Ebay browsing and came across one of the polishes. So I got it. Then I was on Amazon and saw three more so I ordered them. In my mind I was not excited about them. But like most nail junkies I got them anyway. LOL.

Well I was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!
Hands down, this is my FAVORITE textured nail polish collection thus far. All the colors are bright and vibrant. This collection is awesome. From the moment I put first coat on I was hooked. They had me. I find this collections SASSY AND SEXY with a little dash of FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

The overall formula for this polish is easy to work with. There is no clumping, No lumps. Each coat goes on smoothly. It easy to control . It not too thick, not to thin. Its very pigmented. Each coat dries with a rough texture. The best way I can describe is, it looks like a popcorn ceiling, Except with pizazz and spunk. This is a matte texture, but depending on the lighting it could look shinny/wet. All picture below are two coats, NO TOPCOAT!!!!!

 The best way I can describe this is like liquid watermelon!!!
It was so freaking awesome on. Even though its matte,
 because of the color it still so bright. In my opinion its neon!!!
The pictures does not do it justice, you must see in person!!!
Im in love. I wore this today to work!!!
I could not stop looking at my hands!!!
Im currently wearing this right now. For work tomorrow.
I guess I do change my polish everyday.
But hey who cares. Look at my hands!!
HELLO!! Its not in vain. LOL
 It a hot pink color. In some lights it may look red!!
But when you get close you definitely know it is pink.
 This picture surprisingly is extremely color accurate!!!!
 This blue literally glows on your hands!!!
 This is statement color!!!
I wore it over the weekend!!
Alot of what the heck is that? LOL
 and that's pretty and different!!
I did not love this until I got it on my hands.
 Well what can I say!! This is NEON!!! and I loved it!!
 Its so freaking bright!!! Once again a Fav!!!!!
 I love bright colors!!
 I would wear this in the dead of winter!!
 NO LIE!!!!!
There two more polishes in this collection. I will be featuring them some time this week. Over all I love this collection. This collection is definitely a SUMMER BANGER!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be wearing these polishes through out the summer. I cant wait to do my toes with them!!! These polishes will be available May 1st at Sally's Beauty Supply Store Sally's. They are also On  EBAY and AMAZON. I believe the full collection is $24.00 on ebay and amazon. Do you guys like this Collection thus far?


Ritinha* said...

Helo! :D
I Love This China Glaze!
They are so pretty!
Your nails and your skin tone are gorgeous in this colours!

Kiss, Rita*

DAB NAILZ said...

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!