Sinful Colors- Suga Rush- Part 2

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Today We have Sinful Colors- Suga Rush- Part 2. I have the last three of the collection. You can see Part 1 HERE . Like the rest of the collection these colors are a good spring into summer transition. They are fun, vibrant and bold. I must say that these three were the easiest to apply. Weird they are the same as the other four. Unclear why these were easier to apply. Maybe I just had a good day.LOL. Yeah thats what it was. LOL.
Sinful Colors- Suga Rush- Part 2 
Cotton Candy-
I love this color. It is the perfect Barbie Pink.
This color also has a light almost invisible shimmer. 
It was very easy to apply. It was not streaky.
 I tried to capture the shimmer,
but it was very difficult.
Even with the naked eye its so small
you wont notice it at first glance.
Sugar N Spice
This color also has the shimmer.
I feel it is more noticable with this color than some of the rest.
 I think its because it is a brighter bolder color.
You see the shimmer a little better in this photo.
You can see the shimmer in the bottle.
 Sweet Nothing
The best way I can describe this color is a dusty teal.
 Its not light or dark but rght in the middle. Unlike the first two this one has no shimmer. It is creamy but not thick. Very easy to apply.
Sweet Tooth is the 8th polish in the collection. It is not pictured. It's a soft lavender. It definitely has a pinkish undertone. I was very much suprised at how much I like these!!
Once I put them on they looked way better than in the bottle.
Just like the first four this collection can be found at Wagreens only while supplies last. If you like to do your own nails Sinful color is the best and cheapest way to go. For a $1.99 polish they provide the most range of colors, styles, and textures.

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