Sinful Color-Sugar Rush Part 1

Good Morning Everone!!!!!!!!! It Wednesday!! Three days down(almost) 2 to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I have Sinful Color-Sugar Rush Collection-Part 1. There are 8 Colors in total. From the moment I saw the first picture on instagram I was excited. Then I found out there was a $1 off copoun for Walgreens. I knew I had to have them. Sinful Colors is by far the best cheap polish you can find. Most of my nail polishes are Sinful Colors. It usually retails for about $1.99 but there is always a sale. They have a great range of colors for the price. They are sold at Walgreens, Rite Aide and now Walmart. I go to Walgreens ALOT!!! LOL. I went to 6 different walgreens, And in 48 hours I had all 8. Shoot!!! $8 plus tax, please!!!!! It was a no brainer. LOL. This collection was exclusive to Walgreens.

Today I have swatches of 4 of 8. The Sinful Color-Sugar Rush Collection consist of all pastels. If you could wrap spring up in a bow it would be this collection. All the colors are creamy and smooth.

The Sinful Color-Sugar Rush Collection-Part 1
Orange Cream
The best way to describe this color
is a peachy orange cream color polish. It has tiny shimmers in it.
The shimmers are so small you cant even see them in bottle.
You have to get really close to see it. 3 coats for full coverage.
This formula is weird but managable. Very streaky.
See the Shimmer-Very tiny

Sugar Rush
This is a creamy baby blue. This has no shimmer.
3 coats to get full coverage. Formula is the same as the rest. Streaky.
This is also my favorite of the whole collection.
 Yall know im a blue freak!. Lol
Candy Coated
This color is a lavendar cream. It has the subtle shimmer as well.
Depending on what light you are in this could look really like straight lavender
or like lavender and light blue had a baby. lol. At night it almost glows(no lie)
Its very pretty and Bright in the dark and in direct sunlight. I like this so much better after it was on. 3 coats for full coverage. Streaky!
You can kinda see the little baby shimmers.
This color I already owned because it is apart of normal Sinful Color core line up. After looking at the collection it was a perfect match. This has always been my favorite baby cream yellow, but i do not like the formula. This is 5 coats. YES!!!!!!!!!!!I rarely wear this, it is a B!!&* to get on evenly. But if you do it is very pretty. There is no shimmer to this one.
Part 2 will be coming soon . Overall I love this collection despite the application being streaky, Its so girly and most importantly cheap. LOL. Go to your local Walgreens and pick it up. Im not sure how long they will be there. I would assume until gone with no restocks. These colors are perfect for spring.

Please if you have any questions please Email me or Leave a Comment. Sometime if you leave a comment I dont get a notice right away, but I get my email on the spot daily!!!


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