STAMP ME BABY!!!!-Nailz Craze NC02 Stamiping Plate

Hello Everyone!!!!
Today I have a gradient stamp nail art mani! I used the infamous Nail CrazeNC02 Stamping plate! I've wanted a Nail Craze Stamping plate since the first day that I saw it on Instagram!!!!
For this look I used Sinful Colors Dream On and Cool Grey! Im no expert with gradient nails but I can say it gets better with practice!
I painted my nails with Cool Grey, 1 coat. Let it dry then sponged on Dream on and Cool Grey with makeup sponge. Then I stamped the Nailz Craze NC02 Stamiping Plate in Konad black. I topped it all of with Sally Hansen Insta Dry.
There are many different methods to doing gradient nails. My suggestion would be to watch as many youtube vidoes as possible then try.  I am no where near perfect. But I must say I get better with time. I hope you like it!!!
See pics below.

I Love this look. The stamp worked great. I had no issues other than user error. lol. Stamping takes skill , A skill im still developing.  if there are any questions please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer!



Black Cat Lacquer-She's In Parties!!!!!!

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Today I have Black Cat Lacquer-She's In Parties. This is a another one of my favorite Indie Brands( honestly I love them all, LOL). What I like about this polish is that it is full coverage. It goes on in two coats. It was so easy to apply. The glitter moves with ease. It also dries very quickly. You can do your nails in 15 mins apply top coat and be out the door. It goes with Everything. For example I took a shower before I took these photos. Not one piece of glitter was out of place. 

She's In Parties Is a milky white based polish packed with all the color glitter in the rainbow. It has yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, red and then last gold. The gold is what really ties it together in my opinion.  It has small glitter and little specks. Even though it sounds busy once you put it on I guarantee you will fall in love. It truly is stunning and I'm mad at myself for drooling over it for so long without purchase!!!

See Photos/ Purchase Info Below

Black Cat Lacquer-She's In Parties

In the end you get a glitter packed nail polish that shines. The light really reflects off each piece of glitter without it being over whelming.
I really feel like you can wear this with it anything. You can dressed it up, down, left, right lolol. You can wear it in the summer, spring, winter or fall. It does not matter your hands will look good. You can purchase Black Cat Lacquer-She's In Parties-Here!!!
They have so many great goodies on the site.
Do You Like It????? Would You Wear It?
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As always it was greatly appreciated!!



Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you doing on this Friday? I'm so happy its Friday I could do a jig. LOL

Today I have another Indie Polish for you.  365 Days Of Color-June Gloom.  Considering today is June and its gloomy outside I feel the name is only fitting. lol. This is my first polish by 365 Days of Color. The first swatch I saw of this I was in love. I literally stalked her facebook page because I had to have it. LOL. It went on sale at 12 am I had it by 12:10am. lol.

June Gloom is a light grey polish with small, medium and tiny(almost microscopic) hex and square glitter.There is a neon green, light cobalt blue, Orange and hot pink. First let me say this polish applied effortlessly. It applied as if it had no glitter pieces at all. It was so smooth, it amazed me. It did not have to put alot of effort into at all. It was a little thin so I applied 4 thin coats. Each coat had tones of glitter but with that said each coat laid effortlessly, flat, and smooth. Even before I put the top coat on it was smooth( sorry did not take a picture of that). I added a topcoat to bring it all together. I Used KBShimmers clearly-on-top-quick-dry-top-coat. ( I will be doing a full review on this as well in the future)

Each picture below has 4 coat and top coat


 This picture shows the intensity of the colors.

I mean what could I say it is Beautiful. It even better than I thought it would be. I order this on Saturday. I got shipping notice on Monday and It was here today. I literally came home from work and swatched it Immediately. LOL. I love the smokey yet vibrant specks of color through out. GO GO GO. This is a hot summer polish that will look great on any one. I will definitely be purchasing more of her polishes. I am really impressed with the application. I cant wait to explore more.
So what do yo guys think? Do You like it?
Thanks for stopping by until next time stay polished!



Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you guys today? Hopefully all is well!

Indie nail polish, specifically ones with glitter have always been one of my nail obstacles. I always have an issue with application. I think it has alot to do the glitter. I think it intimidates me because its usually so much going on. Until I started painting my nails on my own i never wore anything but champagne/goldish colors. lol. I was really plain and safe. I never got a design on my nails. I was truly boring. So I think im still getting use to my new found love of "busy" nails. Well with that said it is an obstacles I WILL OVER COME!!!!! I have ordered alot of Indie Polishes in the last week or so. So expect to see more.

Today we have another indie polish from Lush Lacquer. Its called "Neon Lights". I love this. Its bright and bold while still delicate. This polish comes in a White Base with Hot pink, Bright Orange, Yellow and Green hex matte glitter. With a polish like this I would recommend doing thin coats because you have layer not only polish but pieces of glitter as well. You want it to be as smooth as possible before you apply the top coat. The pictures below are two coats and a coat of Sally Hanson Quick Dry top coat. You do not need a base color with this polish, but if you choose one I would stay in the white or whitish family. lol.

Please see Swatches below.

Overall I love this polish. You can purchase this HERE ,
They have a awesome collection of polish. I love their line of polishes.
What do you think of this? Would you wear it?



Hello My fellow Nail Lovers

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Today I am featuring my first Indie nail polish. For all those that are not familiar with Indie Polish. It is a polish made by hand. Usually sold on the web. But I do believe some people sell in salons and stores and at fairs and things of that nature but they usually sold exclusively online. I admire all the indie nail polish makers. Most of them have really impressed me. Most indies have glitter whether matte or sparkly.  Of course there are regular colors as well. If you notice alot of the main stream nail polish brands are starting follow suit and sell alot of none traditional colors, textures, glitters. I personally think they now realize what a hot commodity none traditional polish is. Indie Polish is definitely making a name for itself.

When I first saw Lush Lacquer Clowning Around I knew instantly I had to have it! It has neon hex matte glitter in all sizes. There is little tiny ones, small ones, medium ones and large ones. There is a combination of hot pinks, purples, bright neon orange, yellow, blues and greens. It is a neon glitter bomb. It comes in a clear base. This is definitely a topper and not a polish you wear by itself. It definitely needs undies(base color). You have so many possibilities with this topper. In the pictures below I have paired it with 4 colors. There is definitely more you can do.  You will most definitely see this again.

See pics below.



Two coats of OPI-MBFSW topped with Clowning Around. 
OPI-MBFSW is a light grey polish that almost look white.
1 coat of Sally Hansen Quick Dry to smooth things out. I love this look


 Two coats of OPI-AS topped with Clowning Around. And top Coat.
You can really see the difference in pure white polish vs the light grey. You can definitely see the neon hexes alot more and they almost seem brighter.
You also see the difference in the two OPI colors as well


Two coats OPI-DYEAVG topped with Clowning Around.
To me this is a subtle way of wearing Clowning Around.
You can still see the glitter but the background is a little more muted.
 I also loved this look way more than I expected.

 Two Coats of Sinful Colors-Sugar Rush topped with Clowning Around.
I love this look. Its very summer. The light baby blue makes the glitter pop.

Over all I Freaking love love love love this polish. It is awesome. Its bright and bold and can be very versatile. There are so many ways to wear this.You would never get bored with it. You can find LUSH LACQUER CLOWNING AROUND in a few places. Purchase HERE , HERE.
You will definitely be seeing more of this indie line on my blog in the future .They have so many goodies on their website.


Please Comment!!!!!! Do you like it ? Can you see yourself wearing this? If not Why?