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How are you doing on this Friday? I'm so happy its Friday I could do a jig. LOL

Today I have another Indie Polish for you.  365 Days Of Color-June Gloom.  Considering today is June and its gloomy outside I feel the name is only fitting. lol. This is my first polish by 365 Days of Color. The first swatch I saw of this I was in love. I literally stalked her facebook page because I had to have it. LOL. It went on sale at 12 am I had it by 12:10am. lol.

June Gloom is a light grey polish with small, medium and tiny(almost microscopic) hex and square glitter.There is a neon green, light cobalt blue, Orange and hot pink. First let me say this polish applied effortlessly. It applied as if it had no glitter pieces at all. It was so smooth, it amazed me. It did not have to put alot of effort into at all. It was a little thin so I applied 4 thin coats. Each coat had tones of glitter but with that said each coat laid effortlessly, flat, and smooth. Even before I put the top coat on it was smooth( sorry did not take a picture of that). I added a topcoat to bring it all together. I Used KBShimmers clearly-on-top-quick-dry-top-coat. ( I will be doing a full review on this as well in the future)

Each picture below has 4 coat and top coat


 This picture shows the intensity of the colors.

I mean what could I say it is Beautiful. It even better than I thought it would be. I order this on Saturday. I got shipping notice on Monday and It was here today. I literally came home from work and swatched it Immediately. LOL. I love the smokey yet vibrant specks of color through out. GO GO GO. This is a hot summer polish that will look great on any one. I will definitely be purchasing more of her polishes. I am really impressed with the application. I cant wait to explore more.
So what do yo guys think? Do You like it?
Thanks for stopping by until next time stay polished!

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Norelis Ocasio said...

Such a beautiful polish!