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Indie nail polish, specifically ones with glitter have always been one of my nail obstacles. I always have an issue with application. I think it has alot to do the glitter. I think it intimidates me because its usually so much going on. Until I started painting my nails on my own i never wore anything but champagne/goldish colors. lol. I was really plain and safe. I never got a design on my nails. I was truly boring. So I think im still getting use to my new found love of "busy" nails. Well with that said it is an obstacles I WILL OVER COME!!!!! I have ordered alot of Indie Polishes in the last week or so. So expect to see more.

Today we have another indie polish from Lush Lacquer. Its called "Neon Lights". I love this. Its bright and bold while still delicate. This polish comes in a White Base with Hot pink, Bright Orange, Yellow and Green hex matte glitter. With a polish like this I would recommend doing thin coats because you have layer not only polish but pieces of glitter as well. You want it to be as smooth as possible before you apply the top coat. The pictures below are two coats and a coat of Sally Hanson Quick Dry top coat. You do not need a base color with this polish, but if you choose one I would stay in the white or whitish family. lol.

Please see Swatches below.

Overall I love this polish. You can purchase this HERE ,
They have a awesome collection of polish. I love their line of polishes.
What do you think of this? Would you wear it?

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