Lets Get Wet!!!!!!! Polish Addict Nail Color-Splash

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Today I havePolish Addict Nail Color -Splash. This was release about a week and half ago. I knew I had to have it. Like always. LOL. Its a truly Beautiful polish!!!

Splash is white crelly polish "splashed" with hex glitter. The glitter ranges from small to large. It has every color in the rainbow. It has hot pink, baby pink, blue, royal blue, black,red, Green, a neon/yellow, white, Orange etc. You get the point.Its a glitter BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!! Its packed so tight with glitter each stroke has glitter in it.

Each picture below is 3 thin coats with coat of seche vite. I did an accent nail inspired by @leathal lacquer. She can be found on instagram. My accent nail is two coats of Orly Glowstick and I added a nail charm by Hex Nail Jewelry. I picked the star fish!

Please see swatch and review below

Love this. I love the mash up of colors. The formula was super easy to work with. There is no streaking, clumping or balds spots. Depending on what type of nails you have you can do two coats and a top coat with no problem.  I had to do three since the whites of my nails show through everything.
Go check out Polish Addict Nail Color WebSite. So much to choose from.
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Today I have Icing Nail Polish. Icing is an accessory store. They sell mostly handbags, wallets, Earring's, shoes, head bands etc. They also sell make up and nail polish. Its exactly like Clairs accessory store in the mall. They also have a WEBSITE.

Icing released a few of glitter polishes as a part of their line. Today I have three of those polishes. I tittle this Icing Nail Polish Goes Indie because once again I found another commercial brand crossing over to the "dark side". These type of polishes are typical for indie brands but no so much for normal main stream polish.

All three are pastel with black matte glitter mixed. There are small hex glitter and tiny black specks. They look like desert. Hence the names. Deliciously Scrumptious, Mint Choco Chip and Choco Chip. All picture below are two coats with seche vite topcoat. The formula on the bad boys are awesome. Their is no streaking, lumping or clumping. They go smooth, full coverage in two coats. Dry time is a snap.

Please see Pics below!!!!!!!!

Deliciously Scrumptious


Mint Choco Chip
Note- This is a little lighter in person. Hard to capture.
Mint Choco Chip

I love this polish. I loved the formula. Its very easy to work with.
I think this is something that everyone can wear and not feel like its to much.
The pastel colors tone It down. All of these are dupes of much more expensive polishes.
Both those polishes range from $14-20 bucks. So at $4:50 a pop they are very affordable. 
What do you guy think? Are you liking mainstream nail polishes changes? Can you see yourself in this?
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My Time At Lush Cosmetics-Review and Experience

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I warn you this is a very long post. But its worth it.I promise!!!!!!!!

As some of you may know from my Instagram page I went to Lush Cosmetics on Friday. Before I went in there I kinda already knew a little bit about it but had no clue on earth that I would fall head over heals in love with the store, the idea, the message and the PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First let me tell you a little bit about Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. Lush is a Complete range of handmade natural bath, body, and cosmetic product's including natural soaps, bath bombs, lotions, hand creams, foot creams, lipsticks, shampoo's, makeup, makeup remover and body scrubs. All these products are made with fresh picked and grown ingredients. They do not do animal testing nor do they work with companies that do animal testing. They use farms locally and foreign. Most of their products have an expiration date. They also have a lot of loose products to reduce the use of plastic. example lotion, shampoos and conditions bars. All ingredients and dates products are made are on the label. They also have hundreds of charities they donate to with the proceeds of their products. I suggest you read the full story on their website. Its actually very interesting. You can read HERE.  

I went on my lush journey with a friend of mind and both of us had an idea what we wanted. Lemony Flutter is what we wanted. Lol. I heard so many wonderful things about it I had to try it.  We were both on the web site all week poking around. So when we got there we were really excited. We were greeted immediately by the Lush employees. We told them what we wanted. They showed it to us, then ask us if we wanted to try some things. Of course I said yes. We tried the Ocean Salt face and body scrubs on our hands. We massage it in and then rinse, then dried. Our hands felt like a babies asses!! Seriously No lie. My hands have never felt that way in my life.The looked better, they felt better. Needless to say this lead to an hour long visit at Lush Fresh handmade Cosmetics. During our visit we asked a million questions and not once did any of the 3 young ladies attending to us get upset, frustrated or annoyed. In fact they were excited to tell us, teach us, Test on us. They loved the products they sold and it showed.  We tested products, asked questions. I swear we saw every inch of that store. So with out further ado. Please see my photographic journey,purchases, wish list and reviews below.

My Purchases
It's a soap! Its a hand lotion!
That right!!!  You read right. Its a freaking soap lotion. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.
I have used this multiple times since I got it and I love it . It moisturizes and cleans at the same time. WOW!!!! Your hands feel refreshed soft and clean.

You wet you hands. Put a small piece of the putty in your hands, add some water, not to much, just like picture, then rub hands together like your washing it. It does not have a lather. looks like milk on your hands. Then rinse and dry.  Soft clean hands. This in combination with all the other products has changed my hands.
Lemony Flutter-(The product of the hour)
does your cuticles justice. Ive have been using it for two days straight and I see and feel the difference in my cuticles. I feel they are smooth. No more stray rough pieces around my cuticles.  a little goes a long way. This product is greasy so use a little. I suggest you use it after you wash your hands and every single night before you go to bed. When I wake up in the morning my cuticles looks so healthy. I use after a mani or pedi. I cant stop starring at my hands. From my understanding you can use this on most body parts, but not recommended for face use. To greasy!
do not leave your lemony flutter in the car or in the sun will IT WILL MELT.
Or you will have to put it in the fridge to re harden 
TINY HANDS- Is a Moisturizing bar. You rub it in your hands like soap a few times. Then stop. This to is greasy so not to much. You will notice the feeling of lotion. When you finish rub your hands like your putting on lotion. And you will definitely notice the moisturized feel and look. I like to use this in combination of the lemony flutter. By itself is fine as well. It depends on how much moisture your looking for. 
 do not leave your hand in the car or in the sun IT will melt.
Or you will have to put your hand in the fridge to re harden.
 Like i had to do. This is how it looked, But it came back to normal. lol

The case does not come with the product.
I thought it was best so it does not get crap in it.
Especially if you want to travel with it.

Bubble gum Lip Scrub
I know none nail related. But I had to tell you guys after you use it.
 You will want to kiss yourself. Your lips are soft and kissable.
Lush Times- Come with all purchases.It is your guide to EVERYTHING LUSH!!!!!!!!!!

Ocean Salt
This is the #1 item on my wish list. I loved it when I tested it out. My hands need it.lol. PS folks it has freaking VODKA in it, Shut the front door. This I'm gonna get at my next visit to Lush. SOON!!!!!
I'm in love with LUSH and their products. Between that and their great customer service, I will be returning. I honestly feel like my cuticles have been transformed. Even with nothing on them. They appear moisturized and not dry like they were. This is my go to product for my cuticles and I don't think I will be using anything else. I have used dozens of cuticle creams and hand lotions. Nothing compares. You can purchase this ON LINE! as well as instore. No matter hair, nails, skin or makeup. Lush has something for you. Man or Women. Your man does construction and his hands feel like sand paper go to lush. If his feet smell like dead man walking go to lush. There is something for everyone. The only con is they are a little pricey, but Its worth it!!! 

Disclaimer- Lush did provide these products to me. I purchases and experience this on my own by just visiting the store and enjoying the experience. I cannot guarantee you the same experience! 
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Laquerlicious Pink Granite Swatch

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Today I have my very first Laquerlicious indie nail polish. I was so excited about this one. Searching through the ESTY WEBSITE-HERE there was so much to choose from. I must tell you im becoming obsessed with homemade nail polish. They are so beautiful, Eclectic, and vibrant. Never boring. Nothing you would ever find in a store. The fact that people personaly make these polishes make me feel like a supporting small buisness owners in my own way. lol.

This color is Pink Granite. This is a glitter topper. It has pink, black, a almost pearl like pink, and white gitter in a clear base. The size of glitter varies from tiny to small. There is squares and hex glitter through out. I would definately recommend two thin coats over the color of your choice. I used sinful colors black on black. There is a lot of glitter dont try and get it all on at once. Do one coat, let it semi dry then second. Top it off with two thick but thin coats of seche vite or your favorite top coat. Let first coat dry first. This is done to smooth out all the layers and make it look like one.

See Swatches below



I love this polish. The reason Im so in love with     glitter toppers is the options it gives. Every one is not good at nail art but this is like nail art in a bottle. You can change base colors and change your mani. You can do it as an accent nail Or do all nails. The options of a glitter topper is endless! Please see link above for purchase information. 




Bubble White Review

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Today I have something different for you guys. One of my biggest issues as a nail polish addict is that I have alot of staining. My nails tend to yellow due to all the polish I use. Despite the fact that I always use a basecoat it never helps. Ive tried so many methods. The peroxide, baking soda, and lemon method. The whitening toothe paste method. Nothing ever seemed to help. So after much research I found Bubble Whte on the intenet. After reading th reviews I decided to give it a try.

Bubble Whte is a 5 minute Effervescent Nail Cleaner. It is suppose to whitening you nails in 5 mins. Its comes in two sizes. A 0.4 Oz single pack and a 5 oz tub. The packets cost $1.99 with Sally's Card. The tube cost 10 bucks. But honestly the tube should last you forever if you choose to invest. If you just want to try it the single pack is the best.

Please See Pics, review and results below.

 Pour full pack in water.
 Put Hands In water for 5 minutes.


Overall im not going to say it was a hugh difference, But there was a difference. My nails are whiter. more noticiable in person. My hands were softer and felt extremely hydrated.I recommend doing this at least twice a month or once a week. I think the more you use it the better the results. Ive been using this product for two weeks and I notice the difference in my nails and cuticles. 




Polish Addict Nail Color-DR. FRANKEN-

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How are you guys are today? Its Wednesaday!! Thats right, HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOP WOOP! lol

Today I have Polish Addict Nail Color-Dr. Franken. This Indie brand it quickly becoming one of my favs. I went from none to 7 in a month or so. I love this polish. Its so vivid. Its so busy!!!! Its bright! Its Fun! It different.  It took five failed paypal attempts to get. lol. I was a little worried that I could not pull it off, But in the end I loved it!!!!!!

Dr. Franken is a Glitter Topper. It is the ultimate glitter bomb. There are large squares, large, medium, small and even tiny pieces of hex glitter! The color palate is all over the place. There is pink, blue, lime green, red, yellow, orange and black. All of this packed in clear base. To describe this polish gives it no justice!! You must see it to appreciate what it offers you!!.

I Swatched Dr. Franken over 4 different colors. All pics below have two coats polish One Coat Dr. Franken and One thick coat Seche Vite. The top coat is what bring these looks together. Its seals it and gives it that complete finish look.

Dr. Franken over Sinful color Secret Admire!!

Dr. Franken over Pastel Blue

 Dr. Franken over My Boyfriend Scales Walls
 Accent Nail of Barry M.Greenbury!

In Low Light 

Overall all fell in love with this glitter topper the more I swatched it. Its easy to work with. You can control how much glitter you get very easy. It truly transforms your hands.it adds that little something extra. 
You can purchase this polish HERE
What do you guys think? Would you wear this? If not why?

Thanks for stopping by. As always it is greatly appreciated!