Bubble White Review

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How are yall doing today? As always I wish the best. And Hope all is well.

Today I have something different for you guys. One of my biggest issues as a nail polish addict is that I have alot of staining. My nails tend to yellow due to all the polish I use. Despite the fact that I always use a basecoat it never helps. Ive tried so many methods. The peroxide, baking soda, and lemon method. The whitening toothe paste method. Nothing ever seemed to help. So after much research I found Bubble Whte on the intenet. After reading th reviews I decided to give it a try.

Bubble Whte is a 5 minute Effervescent Nail Cleaner. It is suppose to whitening you nails in 5 mins. Its comes in two sizes. A 0.4 Oz single pack and a 5 oz tub. The packets cost $1.99 with Sally's Card. The tube cost 10 bucks. But honestly the tube should last you forever if you choose to invest. If you just want to try it the single pack is the best.

Please See Pics, review and results below.

 Pour full pack in water.
 Put Hands In water for 5 minutes.


Overall im not going to say it was a hugh difference, But there was a difference. My nails are whiter. more noticiable in person. My hands were softer and felt extremely hydrated.I recommend doing this at least twice a month or once a week. I think the more you use it the better the results. Ive been using this product for two weeks and I notice the difference in my nails and cuticles. 



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