Polish Addict Nail Color -Lipstick and Shades

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!

Today I have Polish Addict Lipstick and Shades. It's a glitter nail topper. Its full of all types of glitter. It has small black bar glitter. It has shards of glitter in black, white, hot pink, and grey. There is also tiny white, hot pink and Grey pieces of glitter. They are so small, but because of the colors you definitely notice it. It is definitely a glitter bomb. You can pare it with so many colors. I pared Lipstick and Shades(1 coat) with Finger Paints lemon drop(2 coats). Topped off with a coat of seche vite(1 coat), And an accent nail of Sally Hansen lick-o-rich texture polish, no top coat. I wanted to use a color that showed every nook and krany of this topper and its potential. I feel like the yellow made it pop! Please see pics below.

Polish Addict Nail Color -Lipstick and Shades 


Finger Paint-Lemon Drop 





I love this look. You Could really pair This Topper with anything. Because of the color combo the skies the limit. I did not know the potential of this until I got it on. There is so much I couldn't see from just looking at the bottle.
Its very versitile. It does not take much effort to put on. How many coats you put on depends on how much glitter you want to show and the look your going for. It's very easy to work with. And it has so much to offer the average dull mani!

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