Polish Addict Nail Color-DR. FRANKEN-

Hello Everyone!!!!

How are you guys are today? Its Wednesaday!! Thats right, HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOP WOOP! lol

Today I have Polish Addict Nail Color-Dr. Franken. This Indie brand it quickly becoming one of my favs. I went from none to 7 in a month or so. I love this polish. Its so vivid. Its so busy!!!! Its bright! Its Fun! It different.  It took five failed paypal attempts to get. lol. I was a little worried that I could not pull it off, But in the end I loved it!!!!!!

Dr. Franken is a Glitter Topper. It is the ultimate glitter bomb. There are large squares, large, medium, small and even tiny pieces of hex glitter! The color palate is all over the place. There is pink, blue, lime green, red, yellow, orange and black. All of this packed in clear base. To describe this polish gives it no justice!! You must see it to appreciate what it offers you!!.

I Swatched Dr. Franken over 4 different colors. All pics below have two coats polish One Coat Dr. Franken and One thick coat Seche Vite. The top coat is what bring these looks together. Its seals it and gives it that complete finish look.

Dr. Franken over Sinful color Secret Admire!!

Dr. Franken over Pastel Blue

 Dr. Franken over My Boyfriend Scales Walls
 Accent Nail of Barry M.Greenbury!

In Low Light 

Overall all fell in love with this glitter topper the more I swatched it. Its easy to work with. You can control how much glitter you get very easy. It truly transforms your hands.it adds that little something extra. 
You can purchase this polish HERE
What do you guys think? Would you wear this? If not why?

Thanks for stopping by. As always it is greatly appreciated!


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