Laquerlicious Nail lacquer- Part 2

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Today I have Two more lovely polishes from Laquerlicious .  These two are glitter toppers. Both packed with tones of colorful bold glitter. One is called Barbie Girl and the other is What's Her Face.

BARBIE GIRL is in clear base. It has Chunky short white bar glitter. It has neon & pastel green, black, hot & baby pink glitter hex pieces. The size varies from small to medium. It has stars and circles. It truly packed down with all things glitter. You can layer this over any color. I decided to use a grey polish. I used two thin coats of Cool Grey by Sinful Colors. I topped it all off with Hk girl top coat.

WHAT'S HER FACE is also in a clear base. This polish has bar glitter, stars, squares, and hexes. In my opinion its really bold. There is white, blue, red, pink, orange, purple, gold, and even holographic pieces. It really is amazing how it all came together. I did two thin coats over two coats of Salon Hanson Salon Manicure is Yellow Kitty. Its a creamy yellow. I topped it all off with Hk girl top coat.

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I love them both. I just don't understand how you cannot love them. They are both beautiful. In the bottle it looks like so much glitter, But it gels together so well. They were very easy to work with.  

I must tell you that I picked WHAT'S HER FACE specifically because it was a little outside my comfort zone. It has alot of different kind of glitter packed in one. I did not think I would make it look flattering on myself. So I was very much surprised that is was my favorite of the 4 polishes. I just loved it. BARBIE GIRL  was fun!!!! I loved how feminine it was. I felt very girly with it on. I cannot WAIT to get more of Creativenailshicks awesome glitter packed creations. You can Purchase everything Laquerlicious Here!!!!!!

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Laquerlicious Nail Laquer-Part 1

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On my nail journey I have discovered so many intersting polishes. I feel like im never bored. There is always something grabbing my eye. Keepin me interested and captivated. I think its no secret that indie nail polish has taken me by storm. I just want to show the world. LOL. Today I have two polishes from Laquerlicious. I discovered these amazing creations on instagram. The polish makers IG name is Creativenailchick. This polish has definately caught my eye and my interest. You should expect to see alot more of it. This is a two parter so expect the rest at some point this week.

Today I have No Dupes Here and Summer's First Bloom. No Dupes Here is a glitter topper. Its in a clear base. This polish is the true defintion of a glitter bomb. Is has glitter in black, white, yellow, red, hot pink, lime green, purple, blue, light pink and turquois. The size of glitter varies from small to large. There are circles, hexes, stars and squares. Some of the pieces are even holographic. Like I said BOMB!!! I did two coats over OPI Gargantuan Green Grape . Its a seafoam-greenish blue. Topped it with one coat HK-girl-top-coat.

Summer First Bloom is a lavender polish with pink, green, orange, yellow and purple. There is micro glitter threw out. There is even holographic stars. it goes on opaque in one coat, But to get the full effect I recommend two. You do not need to wear a polish underneath this one unless you want to. But it can be worn by itself. I did two coats and topped it off with HK-girl top coat.

Please see pictures and reviews below

No Dupes Here 
Close Up Shot

Summer's First Bloom
Close up Shot

Over all I loved both of these polishes. They were easy to work with. Both went on smooth. No issues. No lumps. Or Clumps. Summer's First Bloom took me by suprise. I did not think I would like it. But once it did the first stroke on my nails I knew I was in love. They are both beauties!!! The eclectic glitter packed in No Dupes Here makes it versitile and right up my ally. This can be worn with many color underneath. You can never ever go wrong with a glitter topper.  You can purchase them HERE. Shipping is super fast. I never have to wait long.
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Trelly M.I.S.C. Polish-Never Growing Up!!!!!!!!-Swatch

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Guess What Day It Is? Guess What Day It Is? Thats Right, Its Hump Day !!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Today I have my very first Trelly Polish!!! Its call Never Growing Up!!!!!!!!!! This is another Indie brand. I picked this polish because I thought the name was fitting since my bday is coming up and I really feel no older than before. Age is truly just a number People.

Never Growing Up is a glitter topper. Yes I know I'm obsessed. Lol.I love them so. I like the fact that I can put a topper over any color and it changes the whole look of the Mani. The Possibilities are endless.

Never Growing Up is in a clear base It has black heart shaped glitter, barbie pink star shape glitter, pink bar glitter, small hex dusty silver glitters, and tiny black, pink and dusty silver specks of glitter through out. I use Zoya Dove as a base. Its a light grey.I used 2 coat dove and 1 coat Never Growing Up and topped it all with Seche Vite fast drying top coat.

Please see pics and Review below.

Never Growing Up


Zoya Dove 

 It really is absolutely stunning the way the glitter plays well with one another. When Never Growing Up is described in words it can sound busy and all over the place or even childish. but once seen on your nails everything makes sense. The name and the glitter combo. Overall I loved this WAY MORE than expected. I was shocked at how much i loved it. It blew my mind to be honest. Its just so pretty. Both polishes went on smooth. Never Growing Up was not clumpy. Very easy to work with. My advice is a little goes a long way. build it. Don't just glob it on. Don't be afraid the place a star or heart instead of spreading it with the brush. I find that glitter placement makes sense when you have so many types of glitter packed in one. While a child would love this. This polish is more than perfect for an adult. I felt edgy and chic after I put it on. I will definitely recommend it to EVERYONE.
You can purchase this topper HERE. It may or may not be in stock, But if you follow them on Instagram @trellypolish they will announce restocks and new polish.


Polish Addict Nail Color-Pool Party- Swatch and Review

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Today I have another amazing Indie nail polish from the Polish Addict Nail Color . It called Pool Party . This one is a glitter topper. Its absolutely amazing. It has holo small hex glitters in magenta, red, green, blue, teal, charcoal, lime green, silver and black. The light bounces off your fingers and It sparkles from every angle.

I choose to top Pool Party over OPI-Road House Blues. RHB is a deep blue with a hint of deep purple. But the beauty of glitter topper is you can wear it with any color underneath.
I used two thin coats over OPI-RHB topped with Seche Vite. This polish is packed with so much holographic glitter that I would recommend not to get a heavy hand. More ends up on the brush than you think. Start small and build.

See Swatch and Review Below.

Unfocused picture to show all the sparkle
Unfocused picture
This is the sparkle you gt every time your hand hits a light.

To add a little something extra I mattiffied it.

Over all I love this Glitter Topper. It adds a little something extra to any plain Mani.
This is one of those all year round glitters. 
 Because of the variety of colors it can be worn in any season.
I had no problem with clumping.
It went on very smooth. Like I said before a little goes a long way.
You can pare it with any color.
This Glitter Topper can be purchased HERE
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Polsh Addict Nail Color-Happy Hour-GITD Polish

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Today On the Blog I have my first ever glow in the dark(GITD) nail polish!!!!!!!!!!! I loved this way more than I thought I would. Its awesome!!!!!!!!! Its fun. I bet you no one else will have this on. You will definitely be the cool one at the bar. lol

This summer GITD polish has been all the rage in the nail community!!!!!! I honestly thought I would never wear this. Until I put it on my hands!!!!!!!!!! On the outside it looks like your normal everyday glitter bomb in a creamy light blue base. It has micro glitter in blue, purple, and orange purple and other colors. It has Glitter stars in it also. Red and black ones. It has small square/hex glitter in multiple colors including Neon( my fav) . Bottom line is you must see it to believe its awesomeness.

Each picture below has 4 coats( you can probably get away with 3) and coat of seche vite fast drying top coat.

Please see pics and review below.

Happy Hour
Happy Hour
After the lights are off!!



How could you not like this. IT FREAKING ROCKS!!!!!!!
The formula was awesome. Went on smooth. It was a tad thin,
but considering how much glitter was in the bottle that was a blessing. If You want it to have a full neon glow. You must sit your hands directly under light for about a minute.
 It glows in the dark no matter if you sit under the light or not.
But if you want that nuclear look. lol
You got to charge them up.
You can purchase Here!!
Now that I understand glow in the dark nail polish please expect to see more of this. lol 
Who does not like to glow in the dark. Um Hello!! Your nails will glow in the dark. lol
I dont think you will be disappointed by that!
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