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Today I have my first Matte Mani. I'm using Matte Top Coat by Revlon. I always thought it would look stupid on me. I'm now second guessing my insecurities. I Freaking love it. I have a little bit of everything for you today.  My first ever SUCCESSFULL nail tape mani. No color bleeding under tape. As far as the Matte Top Coat. OMG it works super fast. The end effect look like chalk on your nails.

So please see pics below!!



China Glaze-Celtic Sun-found at Sally beauty supply
China Glaze-Liquid Leather-found at Sally beauty supply
Revlon-Ritzy-All Drug Stores, i.e Walgreens,CVS etc
Revlon-MATTE TOP COAT-Can be found at All Drug Stores, i.e Walgreens,CVS etc
Konad Black Stamping Polish-HERE
DRK-A Stamping Plate-HERE
I will most definitely be mattifying more ISH. LOL. I love how this came out.
Please If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me at dabdivaz@gmail.com


Rica Glam -01 Nail Stamping Plate Review

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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!!

Today I have Rica Glam -01 Nail Stamping Plate Review. I believe that this is the first plate in the series!!! Ive been seeing the images around instagram, but I never knew it was plate . So i finally found it. It shipped really fast.

This Stamping plate stamps excellent. I was a little worried because most of the images are small and very detailed. I had no problem with any of the images. They all stamped cleanly and evenly. I must admit I'm not the best at stamping so I tested all the images on paper first. All the images work.

Please see pics and review below

Everything I used for this Mani.
 What I used starting with pointer finger-. I used China glaze Liquid leather for the black.
Then stamping the peacock feather with Konad white and Konad Hot Pink.
Middle finger- I used Sinful color w/ gel tech-come hither- then stamped konad white an konad black for the martini glasses. On my ring finger I used Sinful color w/ gel tech-wisp. Then stamped Mrs. Marylin Monroe on in konad black.
Pinky finger and Thumb has Sally Hansen Sugar Coat-Lich-O-Rich.

All product worked very well. Topped it all with Sally Hansen-Insta Dry. Sometimes Images smear during top coat part. I cant tell you why. All I can say is it does and no matter how long I wait after stamping or which top coat I use it just smears sometimes.

 Rica Glam-01 Plate-Purchase Here
 This is the image without flash.
Overall I loved this plate. I cannot wait for her to come out with another set or series. The plate worked excellent. Very detailed. I was impressed with how well it worked for the imgages to be so detailed.
Thank You


Sally Hansen Texture Polish-Sugar Coat & Fuzzy Coat Swatches & Review

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Its friday im so excited. Also its a holiday weekend. I hope everyone has a wonderful safe Memorial Day!!! Enjoy and be safe!!

Today we have Sally Hansen Texture Polish-Sugar Coat & Fuzzy Coat Swatches & Review. If you have been following me since day one, you know I love texture polish. Sally Hansen has jumped on the band wagon and made not one but two textured polishes. They range in color from light to dark.

The formula on the Sugar Coat polish is amazing. There is something about Sally Hansen. They always have the best brushes. The brush on these bad boys are amazing and I think they assist with the easy application. The top also fits in your hands perfectly. Sometimes in my opinion the style of bottle can affect how you handle and apply it.

See swatches and Review below
Sally Hansen Texture Polish-Sugar Coat
 One thing led to another and this is the results. LOL.
Im not sure where I was going with it, But I Like IT!!!!!!!
I used Nail Stamping Plate Rica Glam-01HERE for the middle finger and DRK-AHERE for my ring finger. Stamped in Konad White. Both Plates worked Great. My goal is to get better at stamping. The rest is just Sally Hansen Texture Polish-Sugar Coat in Sugar Fix and
 Ive always been a sucker for pure white nail polish.
This is absolutely beautiful.
I almost didn't want to take it of. Can we say toes anyone.
lol. This is 3 coats. No topcoat.

This is canary yellow. It looks bright in the picture but its a
little duller in person. Overall I like it. Application was great.
Especially for a yellow. 2 coats. No top Coat.
This is a light teal mix with sea foam green.
Sometimes it looks teal sometimes it looks sea foam green.
Very Pretty. LOVE IT!!! This is 2 coats. No top Coat.
In my very first post I did Nails Inc Feather Effect HERE  I told you guys there was talks of a Dupe by Sally Hasen. Well here it is. This one is a different color but there is an exact match to the Nails Inc in the Sally Hasen Line of "Fuzzy Coat". This is short bar matte glitter. When you wear it alone (1 coat)  it just looks like bar glitter, but the more layers you put on it looks like fuzzy's or feathers. I always like the put a base color close to the glitter color that way i dont have to use alot of coats. The color underneath helps it blend better to create the desired effect.This is 3(THIN) coats of FUZZY FANTASY over SOUR APPLE . No top coat.
Over all I like both collections.
Both collection have an array of colors from light to dark. They are also pretty affordable at $5.99 each. Its a great way to try out texture polish on a budget.
The Nails Inc was $10.00 a pop plus shipping. Most tectured Nail polish ranges from $8-$10 range, so this is a steal. You can find it at your local CVS. I heard they were suppose to be at Target to, but so far no see.
What do you guys think about textured polish?? I wanna Know, Please comment.


Picture Polish-Coral Reef

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Unfortunately yesterday I was unable to make a post. For some odd reason the post was loading for 5 hours. Eventually I had to erase it and start over. Please except my apologies.

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SO ANYWHO!!!! :)

Today I have Picture Polish Coral Reef topped with NYC's Shimmer Blast Top Coat. Picture Polish has been on my wish list for forever and a day. In my opinion it is one of the very few indie polishes that is the best of both worlds. There is all the glitter and glitz and then there the "regular" polish i.e colors. The fact that it had both it what drew me to it.

Coral Reef is a coral pink polish. It is a cream polish. The formula was not that great. I dont know if it was the color or just the polish( i ordered more so we will see). Either way it was not a turn off for me. ALOT of great polishes have effed up formulas. I found this polish thick and hard to work with. But after I applied two coats and dried smooth and very quickly. I then topped with two coats of the NYC Shimmer Blast. It completely changed the look of the mani. The effect was beautiful. It gave it smooth light silver shimmer. It really gave it a sophisticated look with a little something extra. At times it also look holographic. I then topped it off with a coat of seche vite and it just tied it all

See pics below

You can purchase picture polish HERE. Shimmer Blast can be purchased at your local walgreens, rite aid, CVS.


Zoya Summer 2013 Stunning Collection Swatches

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I'm sorry Ive been missing in action. I just been going through some personal things lately and I just had to step back and take a break and reevaluate my Life!!!!!!!! But I'm back now and ready to show you guys some awesome polish. I mean come on, that's why we are all here right. LOL. To see the good stuff!!!!!! The Polish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Precious!!!! LOL!!!

So without further Ado I present to you.............................................................................................

The Zoya Summer 2013 Stunning Collection. This collection to me represents everything summer is about. Its Bight, loud, stunning, gorgeous, radiant, and HOT!!!!!!!! There is a little something in this collection for everybody. There are six colors in total. 4 out of the 6 have a slight shimmer. Its not like a noticeable shimmer from far away but up close and if the light hits it right you will see it! The other 2 are different. They have no shimmer and they are opaque and creamy!!

See Swatches and Reviews Below


 This color is a deep orange. It does not look as deep in the bottle.
In the bottle it looks medium and brighter. Also has a subtle shimmer.
Its more noticeable in the bottle than on your nails.The formula was great.
Very smooth. No streaking. I used 3 coats in the picture below.
And a coat of Seche Vite.
This is a BRIGHT yellow. It is everything a yellow is. Its Yellow.LOL. This is my one of my favorite of the collection. It has a subtle shimmer once again more visible in the bottle than on the nails.
Let me say for a yellow polish I give this a standing ovation for its easy formula. This is the best yellow I have ever worked with. EVER. I used 3 coats and a coat of seche vite.
Micky is a medium pink polish. Not hot pink and not light. Its in the middle. I feel like this is when you start to notice the shimmer a little bit more. Its not very bright but its noticeable. In the picture above you can see a streak of silver right above my middle finger in the bottle. That was in all the shimmers. idk if anyone Else's came like that. This formula was freaking awesome. very easy to work with. This is 3 coats. And a coat of Seche.
This picture does not accurately show this blue. The one above is better but still does it no justice. This is a dusty blue. There is no shimmer in this polish. It is opaque and creamy. The formula is great. Very easy to work with.  It looks brighter in certain light. It can also look darker in less light. This is 2 coats and a coat of seche vite. Im always a sucker for blues especially light ones.
This is my second favorite.
DAB NAILZ # 1 Pick
This is a dark lime green. While it is very bright it also kinda calm for a bright green.
I honestly think anyone can wear it and it will look good. The formula for this is once again Fabulous. No shimmer. Very opaque and creamy. This is 2 coats and a coat of Seche. This is my favorite of the collection. I just love it. its  not to bright, not to dark. I just feel like i can wear it any wear. I'm definitely going to wear this on my toes. Perfect summer color
This is a hot pink with reddish undertones.  Also has the subtle shimmer. Formula was great. 3 coats. and a coat of seche. Not my favorite of the collection. I think its because of the shimmer. Not a shimmer and pink person. Not my favorite combo, but still a cute color. I purposely put this one far away from Micky. While Micky is lighter, when they are together your eyes can play tricks on you. Separate they don't look the same but for some reason side by side it does to me. Formula was great. This 3 coats and a coat of Seche.
Overall I LOVE this collection. It is perfect for summer. There is a color for all occasions. Like I said there is something for every one. You can purchase this collection HERE. They are $8.00 per bottle and worth every last penny. I never found a Zoya polish I did not like. 
 Thank You so much for stopping by.
 I appreciate it so much.