Zoya Summer 2013 Stunning Collection Swatches

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I'm sorry Ive been missing in action. I just been going through some personal things lately and I just had to step back and take a break and reevaluate my Life!!!!!!!! But I'm back now and ready to show you guys some awesome polish. I mean come on, that's why we are all here right. LOL. To see the good stuff!!!!!! The Polish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Precious!!!! LOL!!!

So without further Ado I present to you.............................................................................................

The Zoya Summer 2013 Stunning Collection. This collection to me represents everything summer is about. Its Bight, loud, stunning, gorgeous, radiant, and HOT!!!!!!!! There is a little something in this collection for everybody. There are six colors in total. 4 out of the 6 have a slight shimmer. Its not like a noticeable shimmer from far away but up close and if the light hits it right you will see it! The other 2 are different. They have no shimmer and they are opaque and creamy!!

See Swatches and Reviews Below


 This color is a deep orange. It does not look as deep in the bottle.
In the bottle it looks medium and brighter. Also has a subtle shimmer.
Its more noticeable in the bottle than on your nails.The formula was great.
Very smooth. No streaking. I used 3 coats in the picture below.
And a coat of Seche Vite.
This is a BRIGHT yellow. It is everything a yellow is. Its Yellow.LOL. This is my one of my favorite of the collection. It has a subtle shimmer once again more visible in the bottle than on the nails.
Let me say for a yellow polish I give this a standing ovation for its easy formula. This is the best yellow I have ever worked with. EVER. I used 3 coats and a coat of seche vite.
Micky is a medium pink polish. Not hot pink and not light. Its in the middle. I feel like this is when you start to notice the shimmer a little bit more. Its not very bright but its noticeable. In the picture above you can see a streak of silver right above my middle finger in the bottle. That was in all the shimmers. idk if anyone Else's came like that. This formula was freaking awesome. very easy to work with. This is 3 coats. And a coat of Seche.
This picture does not accurately show this blue. The one above is better but still does it no justice. This is a dusty blue. There is no shimmer in this polish. It is opaque and creamy. The formula is great. Very easy to work with.  It looks brighter in certain light. It can also look darker in less light. This is 2 coats and a coat of seche vite. Im always a sucker for blues especially light ones.
This is my second favorite.
DAB NAILZ # 1 Pick
This is a dark lime green. While it is very bright it also kinda calm for a bright green.
I honestly think anyone can wear it and it will look good. The formula for this is once again Fabulous. No shimmer. Very opaque and creamy. This is 2 coats and a coat of Seche. This is my favorite of the collection. I just love it. its  not to bright, not to dark. I just feel like i can wear it any wear. I'm definitely going to wear this on my toes. Perfect summer color
This is a hot pink with reddish undertones.  Also has the subtle shimmer. Formula was great. 3 coats. and a coat of seche. Not my favorite of the collection. I think its because of the shimmer. Not a shimmer and pink person. Not my favorite combo, but still a cute color. I purposely put this one far away from Micky. While Micky is lighter, when they are together your eyes can play tricks on you. Separate they don't look the same but for some reason side by side it does to me. Formula was great. This 3 coats and a coat of Seche.
Overall I LOVE this collection. It is perfect for summer. There is a color for all occasions. Like I said there is something for every one. You can purchase this collection HERE. They are $8.00 per bottle and worth every last penny. I never found a Zoya polish I did not like. 
 Thank You so much for stopping by.
 I appreciate it so much.

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