Avon-Urban Splatter-Swatch and Review

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know its been a while but im back and up to my old nail polish "tricks" again. lol. I had to take a mini break. Between work and summer and breaking two nails. I had to step back for a minute. So Nubs and all here I am. I must say I missed you guys. I have collected so many wonderful polishes on my month off. Im waiting on a few things to come so in a few days I will share my complete Sept. 2013 haul. I had a birthday so lets say I splurged a little. Hey If I cant spoil my self then WHO WILL!!! LoL. There are going to be a few Changes also.Blog post will be Monday's and Wednesday's. Also all blog post will be 100% honest. Not that they were not honest before, but I did not post most of the things I did not like, due to fear of being talked about and cyber bullied, But all that is over now. I dont care what anyone has to say about my opinion. Its only my opinion. Its not that serious. If you have issues with it. Let the battle begin because I will not back down or be bullied. I am here to share my love, my passion and my true heart for all things nail polish. So please stay for the ride. If not catch you on the flip side.Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for Everything in between Monday and Wednesday for Deals, Hauls, Sales, Whatever my heart desires. So lets get down to the reason we are all here. Nail Polish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I have two polishes from the Avon The Urban Splatter Collection. I must say I'm really proud of Avon for taking this leap forward. They are really starting to compete with the rest of the world. They still have your classics, But I must say they are trying to keep up!!!! Kudos to you Avon!!

The two polishes I picked are Blackout and Underground Yellow. I decided to pick one with a base color and one with clear. There are six in total. All have a tint except Blackout. There is purple, pink, blue, green and yellow.

BLACKOUT is black bar glitter and hexes. There is also white hex glitter throughout. They range from medium small to specks. All this is in a clear base.

UNDERGROUND YELLOW is the same as black out except it has a slight yellowish tinge. Like a tint of color. Its not very bright the yellow but alone with no base coat you notice the color.

Please See pics and review below!!!!

 Close up Shot of the yellow tint!!
 One Coat of Undergound Yellow over Pull Over!!
Pull Over is the exact color you see here. It was not altered by the tint!

One coat of black out over china's glaze white on white and liquid leather.


I must tell you I liked Blackout. I did not love it but I liked it. Yeah I'm a sucker for black and white Glitter. So When I saw this I went nuts. I stalked my local avon lady for a book. I did not like Underground Yellow. The whole colored base threw me off. And why was the color so light but dark enough that I felt it needed a base. I do feel like the bar glitter was too big. It was also hard to control. Glitter placement is a must. If you just dip your brush in the polish to much comes out at once. I'm glad I only purchased one with the color tint. I give Avon an A plus for effort. But unfortunately I will not repurchase this. I'm slightly disappointed. There a far to many black and white glitters for this to be #1. let me say I'm a hugh fan of Avon but this one was just not hitting it for me.
If you would like to give Avon Urban Splatter a try please do not let me discourage you. I always say everything does not work for everybody. So maybe this product was just not for me. 
You can purchase this HERE!!!
Thanks Again for  Reading. See yah Soon!!!!