Sinful Colors Crystal Crushes Collection-Partial Swatch and Review

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Today I have two polishes from the Sinful Colors Crush Crystal Collection. I chose two polishes from that collection. What makes this collection special is its TEXTURED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you say hell yeah.

Im a true sucker for textured polish. I never in a million years thought I would like this trend, but I'm in love. I own alot. I wear them often. In MY OPINION textured polish has been one of the most unique, influential and beautiful contribution to the face of Nail Polish. It has changed everything!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Persuasion-is a blurple polish( blue/purple mix) with purple glitter through out. It dries matte. I use two coats and no top coat.

Treasure Chest- is a bright teal with a gold sparkle tent through out. It is it not a glitter its more like shimmer. but its very noticeable in the bottle. It to dries matte. I did two coats, no top coat.

Please see swatch an Review below.

Blue Persuasion

Treasure Chest 

WOW!!!!!!!!!! Just wow. First let me say FINALLY FINALY Sinful Colors joined the textured team. Ive been waiting for so long. I knew they would. I just did not know when. I check every single time I go to Walgreen's, I searched high and low for this collection. I finally found it at Harmon!!! I love this collection. I loved how it applied. Treasure Chest was my favorite. Ive been wearing it all week. So many compliments. The gold shimmer is really noticeable. I loved Blue Persuasion more in person than in photos. The purple glitter really makes is multi-dimensional. I give this collection 5 stars. I know I did not try the rest, but due to affordability and range of colors-reds-blues-greens-yellows, and formula, I feel like I can say that with confidence due to those factors. There are 8 polishes in total. Priced at $2.99. You could buy this whole collection TWICE for less than an whole OPI liquid sand collection( just an example I love OPI). I'm just saying you cant beat that. Sinful colors keeps this up. Now I must admit that so far there is no concrete place for purchase. Some have found them at rite aid, some Walgreen's, some Harmon/Bedbath Beyond. So all I can say is look for it and it will show up. I'm unclear if this is limited edition or a permanent part of the line like the Gel shine polish. So I will try to keep you guys updated.
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Lets Have A Poish Addict Nail Color Halloween Party-2013

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Today I have two lovely glitter toppers from Polish Addict Nail Color. And guess what?? One of them glows in the dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Halloween Party-is a Glitter Topper in a clear base .It is jammed packed with all kinds of different fun glitter. There is stars, pumpkins, squares, hexes and bars. Most of these pieces vary in size. I did two coats over Opi eurso euro which is a deep navy with a slightly deep purple tinge to it. I did two coats each and then one thick coat of Seche Vite.

Fun House- Is a Glitter Topper as well. I must admit that this one and Halloween Party look similar in the bottle, but after you get them on you see the difference. Also This one GLOWS IN THE DARK. Fun house is packed with fun/ bright colored glitter.  I did two thick coats over Essie Absolutely Shore. then one thick coat of seche vite top coat. You must see this one to understand. Its the little tiny glitters that make this polish fun and super cute.

Halloween Party

 Fun House

 Fun House-Glow in the Dark

I loved these two polishes but I did like Fun House better It was Easier to work with.  And Hello it glows in the dark. lol. Duh!! In order to get it super bright. You must hold your nails to a light bulb, Do not touch it. As close as you can without burning. Hold it there for like 30 seconds. your polish with look like it went nuclear. lol. I did like Halloween Party it just had alot of different kind of glitter and sizes. I think because it was a mini bottle I had a different experience. I Find that me and Glitter Polishes in mini bottles just don't work. lol. User Error.lol. I Loved it just not in the small bottle. So if you order it do it in full size. Both of these polishes are on sale right now Full Size $5 each. Please Head over to POLISH ADDICT NAIL COLOR and check out her stuff. She has some amazing polishes. If you lover glitter you love this Indie Brand!!!!
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China Glaze Monster Ball- Partial Review and Swatch

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Today I have 3 polishes from the China Glaze Monster Ball Halloween collection.

Howl you doing- Is a purple matte polish with flecks of gold/bronze and purple glitter through out. I must say that the goldish/ bronzie flecks are subtle. Not to subtle that you cant see them, but not so bright that they are distracting and loud. I did two coats and topped it with Seche Vite. It dries matte and super fast.

Boo-gie down- is a mash up of black white bronze hex glitter. It also has bar glitter through out. It is a glitter topper in a clear base. I did two coats over OPI did you ear about van gogh? I did two thin coats over the opi. topped it with Seche Vite.  Glitter placement is necessary to achieve a cohesive look instead of a blob of glitter. It reminds me a lot of the china glaze glitz and bitz collection.

Bump in the night- is a black textured polish. It is alot like the sally hansen lic-o-rich. I did two coats no top coat. I must warn you this one is a stainer. I had to soak my finger to get it off. and I only had it on for 10 mins to swatch it. lol.

Please See Swatch and Review below

Howl you doing

 Boo-gie down

Bump in the night 

Let me tell you I loved this collection. It was everything I hoped for. The Black texture is what drew me in. The only Turn off with Bump in the night was the staining. Other than that. I loved it and it dries fairly quickly. Boo-gie down reminds me of a fall day. idk about yall but I live in New England and the one thing I remember about halloween is the leaves and colors and this is what it reminds me of. I loved this Glitter topper. Feel you can wear it all year round. Its very easy to work with, just don't have a heavy hand. Howl you doing is my favorite of the three. It was an easy application and love the overall look. This would be fun for anyone, But especially for the girls that love those vampy dark fall colors. This is that with a twist. I loved the flakes.  Even though this a halloween collection I love how you can wear all these polishes at any time. It is not specific its theme. There are 6 polish is total for this collection. I chose these three. You can purchase them on EBAY!! They are at Sally's and Ulta, but ebay seems to have the biggest bang for your buck on these.

What do think of this collection? 

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Trelly M.I.S.C Polish-Halloween -Swatch and Review

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Today I have a few Trelly Polishes to share with you. One is a glitter topper and one is a crelly.What I love about Trelly polish is that it is glitter packed, but not overwhelming or messy. Even as a 30 year old woman I do not feel awkward with the styles and glitter types. Any one can wear her polishes. All age groups.

Today I have Holy Raviolli Batman- This is a clear based glitter topper. It is packed with cirle glitter in grey and black. They range from speckles to large disk. There are spalshes of yellow medium size cirlces. This you must see to believe. I chose to put it over two China glaze white on white and sinful color accent nail of cool grey Two coats. Topped all with Seche Vite

Howling At the moon- Is a crelly( a jelly like polish with color aka CRELLY). Its purple. It is packed with moons and stars and small to tiny cirles. It really looks like a purple nights sky. I did two coats over China Glaze Creative Fantasy, which by the way is a perfect match. One has glitter and one does not that is the only difference. Topped all with Seche Vite

Please see pics and Reviews below

Holy Raviolli Batman

 Howling At the moon

Overall I love Both of these. You guys know that Im am a fanatic for Glitter Toppers. I expected Holy Raviolli Batman to be my Fav, but suprisingly Howling At the moon stole the show. It is awesomely goergous. I love it. I love Trelly M.I.S.C. Polish. It is becoming one of my favorite Indie brands. Its young, colorful,  Glitter packed  and delivery is FAST. You can purchase Trelly M.I.S.C. Polish- Holloween Polish HERE. But Hurry these suckers sell super fast.
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Breast Cancer Awareness- Pink Week-Day 7

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Today is the last day of Pink Week. Well Actually yesterday was. While I did post my mani on Instagram  I did not do a official blog post. So I'm making up for lost time today.

For the last day of Pink Week I decided to pick OPI-Pink-ing-of-You. Due to the cause behind the polish. Every year Opi releases a limit edition polish for Breast Cancer Awareness and Donation go to Breast Cancer research.

7. Mammograms can detect most breast cancers very early, allowing for more treatment options and a greater chance of survival.
OPI-Pink-ing-of-You is one of the pretties and best pink polishes ive used.
There is no streaking or spottiness. It goes on even in two coats.
You can pick this duo up at your local ULTA. Im not exactly sure how long it will be there but I know you at least have until the end of October.
Below I have included all the weeks facts and links, Just in case you missed it!!!!!

1. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide.
2. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.
3. 85% of all diagnoses have no family history of breast cancer.
4. The American Cancer Society recommends women in their 20s and 30s have clinical breast exams every 3 years. After the age of 40, women should be checked once a year.
5. Lifestyle factors, including reducing alcohol use, engaging in regular physical activity, and maintaining a healthy weight are associated with lowering the risk of breast cancer.
6. Early detection is key to beating breast cancer: when found early, the five year survival rate from breast cancer is 96%.
Remember to Rub those Boobies!!!!
If you are unclear how to do self exams Click here!!!
Early Detection is Key!!!

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Breast Cancer Awareness-Pink Week-Day 6

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Today is day 6 of PINK WEEK. I decided to Jazz it up a bit today. I did a gradient mani with a glitter topper. If you read any of my other post you would know that I LOVE glitter toppers. 


For this Mani I used Sinful Colors Easy Going, Pink Forever and Come Hither. I did a sponge gradient mani, but after I was done it did not look complete. I decided to add something that would not take away from the original concept. I feel like it just enhanced the look. I added Mabeline Clearly Spotted, My favorite black and white glitter topper. I like for looks like this to be nice and smooth so I added two coats of Hk girl fast drying top coat. I love this. I love what it represents and I feel like its a classic look with a twist.
6. Early detection is key to beating breast cancer: when found early,
the five year survival rate from breast cancer is 96%.
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It really truly means the world to me.


Breast Cancer Awareness Week-Pink Week- Day 5

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Today is Pink Week Day 5. If you are not Familiar let me explain. This week a couple of us Nail Bloggers have come together to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. Its has affected so many of us over the years. So this week we will be doing our part to bring awareness to the disease. So for seven days we will be posting pink mani's. We will also be including informative facts about the subject. Today I picked a very sparkly glitter.  Please see Facts and Pink Mani below.

For this mani I used Finger Paints Hue left me a message? Very pretty pink Glitter. Very easy to work with. This is two coats and Top Coat. 


Lifestyle factors, including reducing alcohol use, engaging in regular physical activity, and maintaining a healthy weight are associated with lowering the risk of breast cancer.