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How are yall doing? As always I hope all is well.

Today On the Blog I have my first ever glow in the dark(GITD) nail polish!!!!!!!!!!! I loved this way more than I thought I would. Its awesome!!!!!!!!! Its fun. I bet you no one else will have this on. You will definitely be the cool one at the bar. lol

This summer GITD polish has been all the rage in the nail community!!!!!! I honestly thought I would never wear this. Until I put it on my hands!!!!!!!!!! On the outside it looks like your normal everyday glitter bomb in a creamy light blue base. It has micro glitter in blue, purple, and orange purple and other colors. It has Glitter stars in it also. Red and black ones. It has small square/hex glitter in multiple colors including Neon( my fav) . Bottom line is you must see it to believe its awesomeness.

Each picture below has 4 coats( you can probably get away with 3) and coat of seche vite fast drying top coat.

Please see pics and review below.

Happy Hour
Happy Hour
After the lights are off!!



How could you not like this. IT FREAKING ROCKS!!!!!!!
The formula was awesome. Went on smooth. It was a tad thin,
but considering how much glitter was in the bottle that was a blessing. If You want it to have a full neon glow. You must sit your hands directly under light for about a minute.
 It glows in the dark no matter if you sit under the light or not.
But if you want that nuclear look. lol
You got to charge them up.
You can purchase Here!!
Now that I understand glow in the dark nail polish please expect to see more of this. lol 
Who does not like to glow in the dark. Um Hello!! Your nails will glow in the dark. lol
I dont think you will be disappointed by that!
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Love Always Dacia!!!

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