Laquerlicious Nail lacquer- Part 2

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Happy Hump Day!!!!!

Today I have Two more lovely polishes from Laquerlicious .  These two are glitter toppers. Both packed with tones of colorful bold glitter. One is called Barbie Girl and the other is What's Her Face.

BARBIE GIRL is in clear base. It has Chunky short white bar glitter. It has neon & pastel green, black, hot & baby pink glitter hex pieces. The size varies from small to medium. It has stars and circles. It truly packed down with all things glitter. You can layer this over any color. I decided to use a grey polish. I used two thin coats of Cool Grey by Sinful Colors. I topped it all off with Hk girl top coat.

WHAT'S HER FACE is also in a clear base. This polish has bar glitter, stars, squares, and hexes. In my opinion its really bold. There is white, blue, red, pink, orange, purple, gold, and even holographic pieces. It really is amazing how it all came together. I did two thin coats over two coats of Salon Hanson Salon Manicure is Yellow Kitty. Its a creamy yellow. I topped it all off with Hk girl top coat.

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I love them both. I just don't understand how you cannot love them. They are both beautiful. In the bottle it looks like so much glitter, But it gels together so well. They were very easy to work with.  

I must tell you that I picked WHAT'S HER FACE specifically because it was a little outside my comfort zone. It has alot of different kind of glitter packed in one. I did not think I would make it look flattering on myself. So I was very much surprised that is was my favorite of the 4 polishes. I just loved it. BARBIE GIRL  was fun!!!! I loved how feminine it was. I felt very girly with it on. I cannot WAIT to get more of Creativenailshicks awesome glitter packed creations. You can Purchase everything Laquerlicious Here!!!!!!

Once Again I thank you guys so much for reading and sticking with me!!!!!!!!!
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