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Today I have Icing Nail Polish. Icing is an accessory store. They sell mostly handbags, wallets, Earring's, shoes, head bands etc. They also sell make up and nail polish. Its exactly like Clairs accessory store in the mall. They also have a WEBSITE.

Icing released a few of glitter polishes as a part of their line. Today I have three of those polishes. I tittle this Icing Nail Polish Goes Indie because once again I found another commercial brand crossing over to the "dark side". These type of polishes are typical for indie brands but no so much for normal main stream polish.

All three are pastel with black matte glitter mixed. There are small hex glitter and tiny black specks. They look like desert. Hence the names. Deliciously Scrumptious, Mint Choco Chip and Choco Chip. All picture below are two coats with seche vite topcoat. The formula on the bad boys are awesome. Their is no streaking, lumping or clumping. They go smooth, full coverage in two coats. Dry time is a snap.

Please see Pics below!!!!!!!!

Deliciously Scrumptious


Mint Choco Chip
Note- This is a little lighter in person. Hard to capture.
Mint Choco Chip

I love this polish. I loved the formula. Its very easy to work with.
I think this is something that everyone can wear and not feel like its to much.
The pastel colors tone It down. All of these are dupes of much more expensive polishes.
Both those polishes range from $14-20 bucks. So at $4:50 a pop they are very affordable. 
What do you guy think? Are you liking mainstream nail polishes changes? Can you see yourself in this?
Thank You for reading!

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