Laquerlicious Pink Granite Swatch

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!

Today I have my very first Laquerlicious indie nail polish. I was so excited about this one. Searching through the ESTY WEBSITE-HERE there was so much to choose from. I must tell you im becoming obsessed with homemade nail polish. They are so beautiful, Eclectic, and vibrant. Never boring. Nothing you would ever find in a store. The fact that people personaly make these polishes make me feel like a supporting small buisness owners in my own way. lol.

This color is Pink Granite. This is a glitter topper. It has pink, black, a almost pearl like pink, and white gitter in a clear base. The size of glitter varies from tiny to small. There is squares and hex glitter through out. I would definately recommend two thin coats over the color of your choice. I used sinful colors black on black. There is a lot of glitter dont try and get it all on at once. Do one coat, let it semi dry then second. Top it off with two thick but thin coats of seche vite or your favorite top coat. Let first coat dry first. This is done to smooth out all the layers and make it look like one.

See Swatches below



I love this polish. The reason Im so in love with     glitter toppers is the options it gives. Every one is not good at nail art but this is like nail art in a bottle. You can change base colors and change your mani. You can do it as an accent nail Or do all nails. The options of a glitter topper is endless! Please see link above for purchase information. 



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Kashaya said...

This polish looks lovely.=)