Black Cat Lacquer-She's In Parties!!!!!!

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Today I have Black Cat Lacquer-She's In Parties. This is a another one of my favorite Indie Brands( honestly I love them all, LOL). What I like about this polish is that it is full coverage. It goes on in two coats. It was so easy to apply. The glitter moves with ease. It also dries very quickly. You can do your nails in 15 mins apply top coat and be out the door. It goes with Everything. For example I took a shower before I took these photos. Not one piece of glitter was out of place. 

She's In Parties Is a milky white based polish packed with all the color glitter in the rainbow. It has yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, red and then last gold. The gold is what really ties it together in my opinion.  It has small glitter and little specks. Even though it sounds busy once you put it on I guarantee you will fall in love. It truly is stunning and I'm mad at myself for drooling over it for so long without purchase!!!

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Black Cat Lacquer-She's In Parties

In the end you get a glitter packed nail polish that shines. The light really reflects off each piece of glitter without it being over whelming.
I really feel like you can wear this with it anything. You can dressed it up, down, left, right lolol. You can wear it in the summer, spring, winter or fall. It does not matter your hands will look good. You can purchase Black Cat Lacquer-She's In Parties-Here!!!
They have so many great goodies on the site.
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