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Today we have Nail Inc-Leather Effect-Bling it on kit-Rebel. Out of all the textured polish, This is by far my favorite. I just can't get enough!!! This was on my wish list for a long long time. 

Leather Effect is exactly what it sounds like. It's a textured polish that looks like leather when it dries. This polish goes on like regular polish. The application was smooth and easy. All the photos below are two coats no top coat.

The Nail Inc. -Bling it on kit-Rebel comes with four silver skull, 4 different nail studs( about 10 each), nail glue, and two orange sticks and most importantly The leather effect polish. They do not sell the polish by itself in the US, only available in London. In the US if you want the polish you have to buy the kit unless you have a friend who will send it to you. I believe there are three colors the one featured today is NOHO. The other colors are Soho Mews ( a taupe color) and Shoreditch Lane ( a red color) not pictured. 
These two are not available in US. 

NOHO-with skull accent nail

Its not this shiny in person. 

This is a more accurate picture

And Making its debut for the first time my right hand!!! LOL
Not Bad. All the nails on this hand broke last week, but I still love this.

 It literally looks like genuine leather. 

My only advice is to make sure you use the nail glue to put the skulls and studs on or it will not stay on.
 I can say I did a lot with these in the past 20 hours. I took two showers, washed the dishes, slept, prepared lunch, did my hair, worked a full 8 hour day full of typing and the skulls stayed in place. The Nail Inc. Bling it on kit-Rebel can be purchased HERE . The kit is a little pricey. Its $25.00, But i had to have it. This is officially the most money I ever spent on nail polish.

Thank You!!!

I Hope you guys like it!!!

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