Its Friday!!! I hope yall just as happy about that as I am!!!!!!!!

Lets Celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never in a million years thought I would love textured polish so much, but as you can see, I am OBSESSED. lol. I really do love it!!!!!! Its so fresh and new to me. I am not always a fan of every nail trend. Especially on me. I assumed this was going to be like CRACKLE(despise) to me. Well its not. I think its freaking spectacular.

I'm and beyond excited to show you guys OPI THE BOND GIRL LIQUID SAND COLLECTION- Part 1.
This is a matte coral with sparkle galore. It literally glows.
Its beyond pretty. This is two coats. It goes on very easily.
Dries quickly. No Top Coat Needed!!

 I love this color. Its bold and daring.
 This colors has a goldish mix to it. 
I believe anyone can pull this one off.
This is a deep almost black purple.
In the light its more deep purple.
In the dark it may appear black.
This applied in Three coats to get its full deepness.
Formula was great.
You see how deep it is.
I like this color more than i expected.
This is a light pink. It has a shimmer to it.
 The shimmer is just right not to overbearing.
It is definitely for the Girly Girl. This is two coats.
Formula was great.

You can see the Shimmer better below. 
This is definitely My Favorite of the bunch thus far.

This is a white matte color. It has silver undertone.
When it dries it sparkles like diamonds. Hence the name. 
This is two coat. Formula was great.
 Ive always been partial to white and silver polish.
I am currently wearing this right now
Overall I love this collection. It blew my mind.
 Supposedly this is not available in stores until May 2013. I got these on EBAY. Yesterday these were on Ulta.com. Today they are not. SO..... LOL.  IDK what happened but they were there and i know they were there cause I have a reciept and shipping confirmation. lol. I am 100% sure you can get from ebay!
If you want to try something new without going to overboard, this collection is perfect for you.
Thank You!!!!


Paint Those Piggies! said...

Great swatches, I think the pink is my favorite.

DAB NAILZ said...

Thank You!!!!!!!!! The Pink is my favorite too.

mo said...

I have the solitaire on too! I love it. I got mine from the giftshop at my job!