Sinful Colors Crystal Crushes Collection-Partial Swatch and Review

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Today I have two polishes from the Sinful Colors Crush Crystal Collection. I chose two polishes from that collection. What makes this collection special is its TEXTURED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you say hell yeah.

Im a true sucker for textured polish. I never in a million years thought I would like this trend, but I'm in love. I own alot. I wear them often. In MY OPINION textured polish has been one of the most unique, influential and beautiful contribution to the face of Nail Polish. It has changed everything!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Persuasion-is a blurple polish( blue/purple mix) with purple glitter through out. It dries matte. I use two coats and no top coat.

Treasure Chest- is a bright teal with a gold sparkle tent through out. It is it not a glitter its more like shimmer. but its very noticeable in the bottle. It to dries matte. I did two coats, no top coat.

Please see swatch an Review below.

Blue Persuasion

Treasure Chest 

WOW!!!!!!!!!! Just wow. First let me say FINALLY FINALY Sinful Colors joined the textured team. Ive been waiting for so long. I knew they would. I just did not know when. I check every single time I go to Walgreen's, I searched high and low for this collection. I finally found it at Harmon!!! I love this collection. I loved how it applied. Treasure Chest was my favorite. Ive been wearing it all week. So many compliments. The gold shimmer is really noticeable. I loved Blue Persuasion more in person than in photos. The purple glitter really makes is multi-dimensional. I give this collection 5 stars. I know I did not try the rest, but due to affordability and range of colors-reds-blues-greens-yellows, and formula, I feel like I can say that with confidence due to those factors. There are 8 polishes in total. Priced at $2.99. You could buy this whole collection TWICE for less than an whole OPI liquid sand collection( just an example I love OPI). I'm just saying you cant beat that. Sinful colors keeps this up. Now I must admit that so far there is no concrete place for purchase. Some have found them at rite aid, some Walgreen's, some Harmon/Bedbath Beyond. So all I can say is look for it and it will show up. I'm unclear if this is limited edition or a permanent part of the line like the Gel shine polish. So I will try to keep you guys updated.
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