Lets Have A Poish Addict Nail Color Halloween Party-2013

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Today I have two lovely glitter toppers from Polish Addict Nail Color. And guess what?? One of them glows in the dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Halloween Party-is a Glitter Topper in a clear base .It is jammed packed with all kinds of different fun glitter. There is stars, pumpkins, squares, hexes and bars. Most of these pieces vary in size. I did two coats over Opi eurso euro which is a deep navy with a slightly deep purple tinge to it. I did two coats each and then one thick coat of Seche Vite.

Fun House- Is a Glitter Topper as well. I must admit that this one and Halloween Party look similar in the bottle, but after you get them on you see the difference. Also This one GLOWS IN THE DARK. Fun house is packed with fun/ bright colored glitter.  I did two thick coats over Essie Absolutely Shore. then one thick coat of seche vite top coat. You must see this one to understand. Its the little tiny glitters that make this polish fun and super cute.

Halloween Party

 Fun House

 Fun House-Glow in the Dark

I loved these two polishes but I did like Fun House better It was Easier to work with.  And Hello it glows in the dark. lol. Duh!! In order to get it super bright. You must hold your nails to a light bulb, Do not touch it. As close as you can without burning. Hold it there for like 30 seconds. your polish with look like it went nuclear. lol. I did like Halloween Party it just had alot of different kind of glitter and sizes. I think because it was a mini bottle I had a different experience. I Find that me and Glitter Polishes in mini bottles just don't work. lol. User Error.lol. I Loved it just not in the small bottle. So if you order it do it in full size. Both of these polishes are on sale right now Full Size $5 each. Please Head over to POLISH ADDICT NAIL COLOR and check out her stuff. She has some amazing polishes. If you lover glitter you love this Indie Brand!!!!
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