Avon Brush Metals Collection- Swatch and Review

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Today I have 3 polishes from the Avon Brush Metals Collection. Now when I saw these in the book hey instantly caught my eye. There are six in total in this collection. I purchased three. First let me say I had no clue on earth that these were textured polishes.Even though Avon did not label them as such. I am saying they will be put in my textured polish category.

BRUSHED GOLD- This is a gold polish. It dries matte and textured. It really really shiny. You will definitely notice your gold fingers from far away. This is definitely wonderful for a nice Christmas mani. It it true to bottle. It looks the same in the bottle as your nails

DUSKY COOPER- This one looks very cooper in the bottle but when you put it on your fingers you get a black/dark greyish with silver specked polish. It definitely looks more cooper like in photo's than in person. I It is not as matte as Brushed gold.
LILAC QUARTS- Is very true to the bottle. It is a describe more as a pink than lilac. It sparkles. It dries matte like Brushed gold .

This one was the most difficult to work with. It was thick. You had to work fast before it dries. Like most metallics. IT was my least favorite. I actually liked it better with the top coat.


 Very easy to work with. Formula very thin but opaque.

This was also hard to work with, but easier than Dusky Cooper. This was my favorite of the bunch. The over look was stunning. It can be worn in any season. I love it!!

I must say that I'm very impress with this polish despite the thick formula. All pics are two coats Its very opaque. You probably could get away with one coat. I think most textured polish are thick anyway so that was a given. I'm so proud of Avon for stepping their game up and coming with the times. Even though it is not described as a textured polish. It is. It has the textured look and feel. It reminds me alot of the OPI Bond Girl Collection.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants a little glitz and glamor to their nails. Its wonderful for all times of the year. You can purchase these wonderful polished HERE!!

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Do you like these? When is the last time you purchased from Avon?
Do you buy from Avon often? What other stuff would you recommend?

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