China Glaze Monster Ball- Partial Review and Swatch

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Today I have 3 polishes from the China Glaze Monster Ball Halloween collection.

Howl you doing- Is a purple matte polish with flecks of gold/bronze and purple glitter through out. I must say that the goldish/ bronzie flecks are subtle. Not to subtle that you cant see them, but not so bright that they are distracting and loud. I did two coats and topped it with Seche Vite. It dries matte and super fast.

Boo-gie down- is a mash up of black white bronze hex glitter. It also has bar glitter through out. It is a glitter topper in a clear base. I did two coats over OPI did you ear about van gogh? I did two thin coats over the opi. topped it with Seche Vite.  Glitter placement is necessary to achieve a cohesive look instead of a blob of glitter. It reminds me a lot of the china glaze glitz and bitz collection.

Bump in the night- is a black textured polish. It is alot like the sally hansen lic-o-rich. I did two coats no top coat. I must warn you this one is a stainer. I had to soak my finger to get it off. and I only had it on for 10 mins to swatch it. lol.

Please See Swatch and Review below

Howl you doing

 Boo-gie down

Bump in the night 

Let me tell you I loved this collection. It was everything I hoped for. The Black texture is what drew me in. The only Turn off with Bump in the night was the staining. Other than that. I loved it and it dries fairly quickly. Boo-gie down reminds me of a fall day. idk about yall but I live in New England and the one thing I remember about halloween is the leaves and colors and this is what it reminds me of. I loved this Glitter topper. Feel you can wear it all year round. Its very easy to work with, just don't have a heavy hand. Howl you doing is my favorite of the three. It was an easy application and love the overall look. This would be fun for anyone, But especially for the girls that love those vampy dark fall colors. This is that with a twist. I loved the flakes.  Even though this a halloween collection I love how you can wear all these polishes at any time. It is not specific its theme. There are 6 polish is total for this collection. I chose these three. You can purchase them on EBAY!! They are at Sally's and Ulta, but ebay seems to have the biggest bang for your buck on these.

What do think of this collection? 

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