Breast Cancer Awareness Week-Pink Week- Day 5

Hello Everyone!!!!

How are yall doing today? Like always from the bottom of my heart I wish you guys the best.

Today is Pink Week Day 5. If you are not Familiar let me explain. This week a couple of us Nail Bloggers have come together to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. Its has affected so many of us over the years. So this week we will be doing our part to bring awareness to the disease. So for seven days we will be posting pink mani's. We will also be including informative facts about the subject. Today I picked a very sparkly glitter.  Please see Facts and Pink Mani below.

For this mani I used Finger Paints Hue left me a message? Very pretty pink Glitter. Very easy to work with. This is two coats and Top Coat. 


Lifestyle factors, including reducing alcohol use, engaging in regular physical activity, and maintaining a healthy weight are associated with lowering the risk of breast cancer.


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