Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Week- Day 1

Hello Everyone!!!

How are doing on this lovely Sunday? As usual I wish you the best.

I Know I do not usual blog on Sunday's But this week I have something a little different for you guys. A few of us bloggers have come together to bring you Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Week . So for next 7 days I will be posting Pink Mani's in the effort to raise awareness as well as show support to anyone dealing with this disease. All manicures will be pink and I will be including important facts about Breast Cancer in the effort to raise awareness.

The two polishes I used in this Mani are 2 coats Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coats in Wool Lite (i did put it the one coat sinful under the fuzzy coats).  3 coats pf Sinful Colors Sinful Shine with Gel Tech in Sailor's Delight. Both Formulas were fabulous!!!!!!!

  Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide.

 Remember to Rub those Boobies!!!!
If you are unclear how to do self exams Click here!!!
Early Detection is Key!!!

Thanks For Reading!!


ChiChi said...

I honestly was not too interested in the fuzzy coats until I saw this...now I'm wanting this one. Looks pretty!

Amanda said...

Love this!

DAB NAILZ said...

Thank you!!!

DAB NAILZ said...

Thank you! I have love hate relationship with fuzzy coats. I dont like it until after the loom is complete. Lol

Norelis Ocasio said...

Such a pretty combo!

DAB NAILZ said...

Thank You!!!